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12 Tips for Keeping the Romance Alive in a Long-Distance Relationship

Long-distance relationships can be challenging, but they don’t have to be lacking in romance. Here are twelve tips for keeping the romance alive in a long-distance relationship. Click through the gallery for each tip!

1. Schedule Regular Video Calls

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Schedule regular video calls with your partner to stay connected and keep the romance alive. Seeing each other’s faces and hearing each other’s voices can help you feel closer and more connected.

2. Surprise Each Other

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Surprise your partner with thoughtful gestures, like sending them a care package or ordering them their favorite meal for delivery. These little surprises can show your partner that you’re thinking of them and help keep the romance alive.

3.  Share Your Daily Lives

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Share the details of your daily life with your partner. Talk about your day, your thoughts, and your feelings. This can help you feel more connected to each other and deepen your emotional intimacy.

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4.  Plan Visits

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Plan visits to see each other, even if they’re just short trips. Having something to look forward to can help you stay positive and keep the romance alive.

5. Set Goals Together

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Set goals together and work towards them as a team. This can help you stay focused on the future and maintain a sense of connection and purpose.

6. Send Each Other Love Notes

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Send each other love notes or letters. Taking the time to write something thoughtful and heartfelt can help keep the romance alive, even when you’re far apart.

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7. Watch Movies Together

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Watch movies or TV shows together, even if you’re in different locations. Use video chat or streaming services to synchronize your viewing and enjoy the experience together.

8. Play Games Together

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Play games together, like online multiplayer games or board games that can be played remotely. This can be a fun way to stay connected and keep the romance alive.

9. Share Your Hobbies

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Share your hobbies with each other, even if you can’t do them together in person. For example, you can share pictures of your art projects or talk about your latest DIY project.

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10. Show Your Appreciation

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Make sure to show your appreciation for your partner and all the things they do for you. Thank them for their love and support and let them know how much they mean to you.

11. Maintain Physical Intimacy

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Maintain physical intimacy, even if you’re far apart. This can include sending each other sexy messages or pictures, or even having virtual sex.

12. Trust Each Other

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Above all, trust each other. Trust is the foundation of any healthy relationship, and it’s especially important in a long-distance relationship. Trusting each other can help you feel more secure and confident in your relationship, which can help keep the romance alive.

Final Thoughts

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Keeping the romance alive in a long-distance relationship requires effort and creativity, but it’s definitely possible. By following these twelve tips, you can stay connected to your partner and keep the romance alive, no matter the distance.



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