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17 Transgender Influencers to Follow

With the growth of the transgender community, a diverse range of voices have emerged, trangender influencers are making waves and breaking stereotypes. If you’re interested in trans content, here are 17 trangender influencers to follow on social media.

1. Dylan Mulvaney

Photo Credit: Depositphotos

Dylan Mulvaney is a transgender model and activist with 1.8 million followers on Instagram. They use their platform to share their journey, advocating for LGBTQ+ rights and challenging societal norms.

2. Veondre Mitchell

Photo Credit: Depositphotos

This 19 year old is a transgender beauty and fashion creator. Her content is geared towards her experience with femininity as a trans woman.

3. Zaya Perysian

Photo Credit: @zayaperysian on Instagram

Tik-tok influencer Zaya Perysian is a 21 year old transgender woman with over 4.9 million followers. Her content revolves around her transition journey and her challenges as a trans woman.

4. AJ Clementine

Photo Credit: @ajclementine on Instagram

AJ Clementine is a young transgender influencer who documents her transition. Her content covers her journey of self love and acceptance on her TikTok account.

5. NikkieTutorials

Photo Credit: Depositphotos

Nikkie de Jager-Drossaers better referred to by the name of her Youtube channel NikkieTutorials is a Dutch Makeup Artist and Creator who has been on the platform for over a decade. She came out as a trans person in 2020 and has used her platform to raise awareness and support for the trans community.

6. Jamie Raines

Photo Credit: @jammi.dodger on Instagram

Jamie Raines is a British lifestyle creator who mainly creates content and commentary on gender identity while advocating for LGBTQ+ rights. 

7. Jesse Sulivan

Photo Credit: @jes.sesullivan on Instagram

If we are talking about ti-tok trans influencers our list will not be complete without Jesse Sulivan. His content gives us an insight into his experiences as a trans man often featuring his pets, girlfriend and his home.

8. Alex Bertie

Photo Credit: @therealalexbertie on Instagram

Alex Bertie is a trans man influencer with not 609k followers on instagram and is also the author of the book Trans Mission: My Quest To A Beard. His content and his book cover his experiences with transitioning.

9.   Nikita Dragun

Photo Credit: Depositphotos

Nkita Dragun is a lifestyle, beauty and fashion creator and is also a popular trans-rights activist. She is popular for taking on Victoria Secret in a viral instagram video for their anti- trans comments.

10. Jazz Jennings

Photo Credit: Depositphotos

Jazz embraced her true self at the age of five and has grown to become a notable trans-right activist and influencer. She is also a star from “I am Jazz” the TLC reality show.

11. Hera Anderson

Photo Credit: @heraandersonofficial on Instagram

Another author on our list Hera Anderson is a trans influencer with her own Youtube TV show. Her content is funny and engaging and mainly focused on her life, she also appears on interviews where she talks about her experiences as a trans woman. 

12. Rose Montoya

Photo Credit: @therosemontoya on Instagram

Rose Montoya is a tik tok trans influencer, actor and model. And like other trans influencers she advocates for trans rights and also talks about cervical cancer, abortion and taking care of young trans people.

13. Avery Jackon

Photo Credit: @jacksonaveryfox on Instagram

Avery Jackson came out as trans at age four and has since become a stanch advocate for trans youth. She has been the cover of National Geographic and also has her own children book called “It’s okay to sparkle”.

14. Hayden James

Photo Credit: @haydenjames on Instagram

Hayden James is a trans man tik tok influencer. His content follows his transitioning covering his mental transformation as well as his physical and vocal changes.

15. Kissy Duerre

Photo Credit: @kissyduerre on Instagram

Kissy Deure is a trans woman popular for her funny tik tok videos. She is also a fashion creator with over 700k followers on tik tok.

16. Sammy Vanity

Photo Credit: @sammys_vanity on Instagram

Sammy is a trans “girl” beauty influencer and makeup artist known for her creative and transformative looks. Her content covers her day-to-day life promoting self-expression and celebrating individuality.

17. Gigi Gorgeous

Photo Credit: Depositphotos

Gigi Gorgeous is a popular youtuber, actress, model and activist who started off her youtube channel in 2008 and now has 2.73 million followers. She has documented her transition as a trans woman and is a trans rights advocate.

Final Thoughts..

Photo Credit: Depositphotos

By sharing their personal stories, talents, and advocacy efforts, these influencers empower and inspire others, while also educating the wider audience about transgender experiences. You can follow them to catch a glimpse of their lives and experiences as transgender people. You can also find transgender influencers beyond this list by searching for relevant hashtags, such as #transgender on Instagram.

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