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50 Cent Questions NYC Governor’s $2.4 Billion Migrant Plan

Rapper and entrepreneur 50 Cent has engaged with New York City Mayor Eric Adams to address his concerns regarding the city’s $53 million pilot program aimed at assisting migrants.

The Initial Post and Follow Up

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Following a social media post expressing confusion over the initiative, 50 Cent revealed his conversation with Mayor Adams while also questioning the state governor’s involvement.

50 Cent’s Initial Confusion

Credit: Rapper 50 Cent — Stock Editorial Photography

50 Cent initially expressed confusion over New York City’s plan to launch a pilot program for migrants through a now-deleted Instagram Story.

Sharing a screenshot of a news report detailing Mayor Adams’ initiative, he sought clarification.

Maybe Trump Is The Answer

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He wrote on X, “Mayor Adams call my phone, I don’t understand how this works somebody explain,” in the deleted post. “Can’t explain this I’m stuck maybe TRUMP is the answer.”

Engagement with Mayor Adams

Credit: Peter K. Afriyie/AP

Following his public confusion, 50 Cent stated that he had spoken with Mayor Adams about the pilot program.

Mayor Adams, in a video clip shared by 50 Cent, expressed willingness to explain the initiative, anticipating a positive response from the rapper.

Details of the Pilot Program

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Mayor Adams described the pilot program for 500 migrant families as a strategic policy shift, aiming for expansion based on its success.

Prepaid Cards to Migrants

Thousands of migrants from Latin America wait at the southern border of the United States for Title 42 to end, the Texas Governor ordered the Texas National Guard to maintain surveillance on the border to prevent the massive entry of migrants — Photo by Laflota

The initiative, in collaboration with Mobility Capital Finance, involves distributing prepaid immediate response cards to asylum seekers, expected to save the city millions annually.

Cost-Saving Measures

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The program’s launch is framed as a cost-saving measure, with projected savings exceeding $600,000 per month.

Prepaid debit cards will replace non-perishable food boxes, ensuring families can purchase essentials from designated outlets while signing affidavits to uphold the program’s intended use.

50 Cent’s Continued Inquiries

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Despite engaging with Mayor Adams, 50 Cent still seeks clarification from Governor Kathy Hochul regarding the city’s migrant policies.

He questions the source of the proposed $2.4 billion spending plan and its potential impact on taxpayers.

Not My Taxes

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50 Cent Again Posted on X, “Now I want to talk to @govkathyhochul about the laws preventing [Mayor Adams] from doing things to make the situation better in New York…and where the proposed 2.4 billion she’s planning on spending on migrants is coming from…NOT MY TAXES!”

Governor Hochul’s Proposal

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Governor Hochul’s $233 billion budget proposal includes allocating funds to address the migrant influx impacting New York City’s homeless shelters.

This announcement has prompted scrutiny from individuals like 50 Cent, concerned about the implications for taxpayers.

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