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8-Year-Old Wisconsin Girl Saves Sister and Self from Carjacking

In a harrowing incident at a carwash in Wisconsin, an 8-year-old girl displayed remarkable courage and presence of mind, saving herself and her 2-year-old sister from a carjacker who abruptly stole their father’s SUV.

Carjacking at a Car Wash

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The terrifying ordeal unfolded on Sunday afternoon at a Kwik Trip in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, when Adam Jorgenson stopped for a car wash with his two daughters, 8-year-old Charley and 2-year-old Autumn.

Quick-Thinking Response

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As Jorgenson stepped out of the vehicle to grab a cloth, leaving the SUV running, a stranger seized the opportunity and sped away with the children still inside.

Charley, the elder sister, found herself facing a critical decision amidst the chaos.

Charley’s Courage

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In a moment of crisis, Charley remained composed and decisive.

Recognizing the need to act, she considered her options and resolved to protect her sister and herself from harm.

Frantic Call for Help

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After the carjacker demanded the keys, Charley cleverly informed him that her father possessed them.

Frantic Voicemail

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Upon the car’s abandonment, she swiftly retrieved her father’s phone and left a frantic voicemail for her mother, alerting her to the alarming situation.

Reunion with Father

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Meanwhile, Jorgenson, alarmed by the unfolding events, had called 911 and was desperately seeking his daughters.

Through his wife’s tracking of their location, the girls were eventually located at a nearby store, unharmed but shaken.

Parental Warning

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Reflecting on the ordeal, Jorgenson emphasized the importance of vigilance and caution, urging parents to prioritize safety in seemingly routine activities.

He shared his story as a cautionary tale to raise awareness about the potential dangers lurking in everyday situations.

Police Response and Arrests

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Oak Creek Police swiftly apprehended three suspects in connection with the carjacking, aged 17, 20, and 21, who now face multiple felony charges.

Authorities are diligently building a case for prosecution.

Rising Carjacking Incidents

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The incident underscores a concerning trend of rising carjackings across the nation, with a 93% surge reported from 2019 to 2023 in 10 major U.S. cities, according to a recent report by the Council on Criminal Justice.

Milwaukee Stats

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In Milwaukee, armed carjackings have surged by 36% over the past three years, highlighting the urgent need for enhanced vigilance and security measures.

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