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A male who identifies as a female wins cycling race, causing controversy and frustration in the cycling world

A recent cycling event dubbed the “Belgian Waffle Ride North Carolina” in Hendersonville was the stage for an unfolding debate this past Saturday.

Transgender ‘woman’ wins cycling race in the female category

The source of contention was Austin Killips, a 27-year-old transgender ‘woman,’ claiming victory in the women’s category.

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Killips’ triumph wasn’t his first major win this year. He also garnered the top spot at the Tour of the Gila. However, his success has ignited controversy in the cycling community, questioning the fairness of current UCI rules for transgender women competitors.

Is woman’s cycling in danger?

After Killips won the Tour of the Gila this year, former Olympic cyclist Inga Thompson tweeted that with its rules for trans women, the UCI was “effectively killing off women’s cycling.”

In May, USA Cycling and the UCI said Killips met the rules for trans athletes to compete. However, his victories have been met with heavy debate, as people call for a level playing field.

Former Olympic cyclist speaks out in ongoing debate

Credit: DepositPhotos

Inga Thompson, a former Olympic cyclist, has been one of the more outspoken voices in this debate.

Thompson urged women cyclists to protest UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) policies on transgender participation. She suggested peaceful protests, such as taking a knee at the starting lines and the need for team managers to support and protect their riders vocally.

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Calls for protests at women’s sporting events emerge

She also proposed the display of placards reading ‘Save Women’s Sports’ at every race.

“It is time for Women Cyclist to start protesting @UCI_cycling Policy,” Thompson tweeted. “Start taking a knee at the starting lines. Team managers need to speak up and protect their riders. Hold signs at every race ‘Save Women’s Sports.'”

The intersection of sports, gender identity, and equality continues to be a complex issue that sporting communities worldwide grapple with.

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What is the way forward?

This ongoing debate around UCI’s policy underscores the need for a conversation that balances the rights and experiences of all athletes.

As the sporting world continues to evolve, the hope is that solutions can be found that respect the identity of all competitors while also maintaining the spirit of fair competition that lies at the heart of the sport.

Whether the UCI will make changes to its policy remains to be seen. However, one thing is sure – the conversation and the protest are far from over.

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