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A Touching Tribute to Rosalynn Carter: Remembering a Remarkable Woman

Credits: @thecartercenter Instagram

During the memorial service for former first lady Rosalynn Carter in Georgia, her grandson, Jason Carter, delivered a heartfelt speech highlighting her achievements and fondly reminiscing about her personal qualities.

In a moment of levity, he acknowledged the presence of the living first ladies in attendance, including Secretary Clinton, Mrs. Bush, Mrs. Obama, Mrs. Trump, and Dr. Biden, thanking them for their leadership and acknowledging the sisterhood they shared with his grandmother.

Jason Carter’s humorous comment, “Secretary Clinton and Dr. Biden, we also welcome your lovely husbands,” elicited laughter from the room, as President Biden and former President Clinton looked on.

One of the memorable moments Jason Carter recalled was his grandmother’s “most viral moment” when she and former President Jimmy Carter appeared on the kiss cam during an Atlanta Braves game.

He also humorously mentioned how his grandmother made sure to send each of her grandchildren a birthday card with a $20 bill inside every year, even when they reached the age of 45.

Drawing laughter from the audience again, Jason Carter remarked, “She was like everyone else’s grandmother in a lot of ways. Almost all of her recipes call for mayonnaise, for example.”

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Jason Carter also emphasized his grandmother’s determination, recounting her visit to the base camp of Mount Everest in Nepal and her belief that she could have climbed it.

He highlighted her advocacy efforts to combat diseases globally and her dedication to improving mental health treatment. Reflecting on her impact, he marvelled at how far society had come in addressing mental health issues in the last five years, considering that she began challenging the stigma surrounding mental illness in 1970.

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Credits: @thecartercenter Instagram

Rosalynn Carter passed away earlier this month at the age of 96 in her rural Georgia home in Plains. Despite her declining health and battle with dementia over the years, her legacy as a public servant and advocate for various causes remains an inspiration.

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