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Aaron Rodgers, Jesse Ventura Among RFK Jr.’s Running Mate Contenders

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who is standing for the 2024 election as an independent, has disclosed that he has chosen his potential running mate.

Aaron Rodgers and Jesse Ventura’s names have emerged as top contenders.

Kennedy to Announce Running Mate Soon

Credits: DepositPhotos – LOS ANGELES – NOV 5: Robert Kennedy Jr at the 10th Annual GO Campaign Gala at the Manuela at Hauser Wirth & Schimmel on November 5, 2016 in Los Angeles, CA — Photo by Jean_Nelson

On Tuesday, Kennedy revealed that he had made his selection for the vice presidential position but opted to keep the identity of the chosen candidate confidential for now. 

March 26, Big Unveil

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According to his campaign, Kennedy intends to unveil his running mate on March 26 during an event in Oakland, California.

Confirmation of Vice Presidential Choice

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The timing of this announcement aligns with Kennedy’s campaign manager’s previous statements regarding the necessity of selecting a running mate to facilitate ballot access.

Involvement of Rodgers and Ventura

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Kennedy’s consideration of Aaron Rodgers and Jesse Ventura as potential running mates has drawn attention, given his public association with both figures.

Recent Appearances

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Kennedy and Rodgers have recently been seen spending time together on social media, while Ventura was visible at one of his campaign events.

Shared Perspectives on Controversial Issues

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Both Rodgers and Ventura share certain viewpoints with Kennedy, particularly concerning contentious topics.

Vaccine Skepticism

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Rodgers’ criticism of COVID-19 and Ventura’s skepticism of official narratives on 9/11 echo Kennedy’s views.

Challenges in Ballot Access

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As an independent candidate, Kennedy faces hurdles in securing ballot access across the country.

Volunteers have been actively collecting signatures to meet the requirements imposed by various states. Kennedy’s name has successfully been confirmed in Utah already.

Expansion of Ballot Access Efforts

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Kennedy’s campaign asserts progress in signature collection, with claims of meeting requirements in pivotal states like Arizona, Georgia, and Michigan.

DNC’s Complaints

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However, these efforts have not been without controversy, as the Democratic National Committee has filed complaints alleging illegal coordination between Kennedy’s campaign and a pro-Kennedy super PAC involved in signature gathering.

Denial of Allegations by Super PAC

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In response to accusations of unlawful coordination, the pro-Kennedy super PAC has refuted the claims, denying any wrongdoing.

Despite the legal challenges and scrutiny surrounding signature collection, Kennedy’s campaign remains committed to expanding ballot access and advancing his presidential bid.

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