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Abbott Jokes About Building a Wall Along Oklahoma Border to Stop “Woke Left Agenda”

At a recent campaign event, Texas Governor Greg Abbott sparked laughter and conversation by suggesting the construction of a border wall between Texas and Oklahoma.

Backdrop of Border Tensions

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Tensions over illegal immigration along the Texas-Mexico border have escalated in recent weeks, fueled by a Supreme Court ruling permitting the removal of razor wire installed by federal agents.

Governor Abbott’s response, invoking constitutional authority to defend the state, garnered support from conservative quarters.

Abbott’s Remarks at Rally

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Speaking at a rally in support of Republican candidate Janis Holt, Abbott addressed the crowd, jokingly entertaining the idea of erecting a border wall with Oklahoma to counter the influence of what he labeled the “radical woke left agenda… criss-crossing the United States”

Reaction to Abbott’s Comment

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The governor’s comment elicited laughter from the audience, highlighting the lighthearted tone of the suggestion amidst broader discussions on border security and immigration reform.

Context of the Red River

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Abbott’s reference to the Red River, which marks part of the border between Texas and Oklahoma, added a geographical twist to his jest, drawing attention to the political dynamics between the two Republican-controlled states.

Inquiry into Abbott’s Concerns

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Newsweek reached out to Abbott’s press office seeking clarification on his perceived threat from Oklahoma, underscoring the curiosity surrounding the governor’s remarks.

Ongoing Border Security Efforts

Credits: DepositPhotos – The Texas National Guard monitors the border between Mexico and the United States to prevent migrants from entering the country irregularly to seek asylum. — Photo by Laflota

While Abbott’s comment was made in jest, the broader issue of border security remains a pressing concern.

Missouri’s Governor Mike Parson recently announced the deployment of state resources to bolster border security efforts, reflecting a multi-state response to the immigration crisis.

Missouri’s Response and National Guard Deployment

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Governor Parson emphasized the impact of border insecurity on his state, citing the fentanyl crisis and the need for decisive action to curb illegal entry and combat related challenges such as human trafficking.

Call for Federal Intervention

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Parson’s move echoes similar actions taken by other GOP-controlled states, with calls for federal intervention to address the root causes of border insecurity and the influx of illicit substances.

Republican-Led States’ Initiatives

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Several Republican-led states have either deployed or considered deploying National Guard troops to support Texas in its border security efforts, signaling a coordinated response to what they perceive as a national security threat.

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