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ABC News Questions Kamala Harris on Low Polling and Role of Race and Gender

During a pre-taped interview that aired on ABC’s streaming platform, Vice President Kamala Harris was asked about her historically low polling numbers. ABC News’ Linsey Davis brought up reports stating that Harris has “the lowest approval rating of any vice president” and asked whether race and gender might play a role in her unpopularity.

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In response, Harris pointed out that there are also polls that show she has great approval ratings. She argued that attempts are being made to distract from the accomplishments of the administration, including creating over 13 million jobs and being responsible for 800,000 new manufacturing jobs in the United States.

The Vice President also emphasized the administration’s efforts to restore America’s integrity on the international stage.

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A recent poll from June showed Harris with a 41% approval rating and a 56% disapproval among voters. Harris has been in the news recently for her criticism of Florida’s Black history education curriculum, where she claimed that it replaces “history with lies” and suggests that enslaved people benefited from slavery.

The curriculum’s co-author, Dr. William Allen, refuted Harris’ claims, stating that they were part of a larger agenda-driven effort.

While Harris’ polling numbers have been low, it is essential to consider various factors that may contribute to public opinion. Addressing policy accomplishments and challenges rather than focusing solely on personal attributes is crucial in understanding the reasons behind public approval ratings.

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