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Abolishment of Cash Bail Sparks Fear Among Illinois Residents

Safety Concerns

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Southern Illinois locals express fear and concern about the upcoming end of cash bail in the state. They worry that crime rates will increase, putting residents at risk and making the streets unsafe.

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Lawlessness and Insecurity

Residents describe Illinois as a “lawless, wasteland state” and believe that abolishing cash bail will exacerbate the situation, leading to a lack of safety and security for its citizens.

Mixed Reactions

While some residents are torn about the provision to end cash bail, others are vehemently against it. Many believe that the state already has enough criminals, and eliminating cash bail will only worsen the situation.

Constitutionality and Concerns

The recent ruling by the Illinois Supreme Court makes Illinois the first state to fully eliminate cash bail. Some residents view this decision as unconstitutional and express concerns about the impact it will have on safety, law enforcement, and taxpayers.

Overhauling the Criminal Justice System

The SAFE-T Act’s provisions, which overhaul Illinois’ criminal justice system, have been met with mixed reactions. The Act limits when defendants can be deemed flight risks and allows defendants under electronic monitoring certain freedoms.

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Fleeing the State

Some residents are considering leaving Illinois due to its increasing crime rates and lack of safety. They express worry that the state is deteriorating and becoming more dangerous.

Concerns from Local Officials

Local officials, including the Orland Park Mayor and Southern Illinois sheriffs, have expressed concerns about the potential crime surge once cash bail is abolished. They believe it will create a dangerous situation for the residents.

Seeking a Safe Environment

Residents share their desire for a safe place to live and work, voicing concerns about the implications of ending cash bail for public safety.

Uncertain Future

Illinois residents worry about the future, fearing that the state may mirror Chicago’s high crime rates and frequent mass shootings if the situation is not addressed promptly.

Growing Opposition

As the end of cash bail approaches, opposition to the SAFE-T Act is mounting among Illinois residents who seek a safer and more secure environment for themselves and their families.

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