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Acquisition of Trump’s Twitter Data by January 6th Investigation

The special counsel investigating the events of January 6th, 2020, successfully obtained significant information from former President Donald Trump’s Twitter account.

Court documents reveal the challenges in securing this data from the social media platform.

Scope of the Search Warrant

The search warrant compelled Twitter to provide all tweets, including deleted ones, from the @realdonaldtrump account.

Twitter was also required to furnish direct messages and information from related accounts.

Requested Additional Information

Prosecutors demanded details about the devices used, account privacy settings, IP address history, and location data during a specific timeframe.

This comprehensive information aimed to aid the investigation.

Twitter’s Nondisclosure Order

Prosecutors emphasized Twitter’s obligation to keep the warrant secret, ensuring the safety of witnesses and the integrity of the investigation.

Twitter suggested executive privilege as a potential way to shield certain information, a claim scrutinized by prosecutors and the judge.

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Judge’s Observation of Twitter’s Actions

US District Judge Beryl Howell pointed out that Twitter had given Trump prior notice of the search warrant, which was not extended to other users.

The judge humorously questioned Elon Musk’s involvement, speculating on his intention to make Trump feel welcomed on the platform.

Trump’s Twitter Account Under Elon Musk’s Oversight

Trump’s Twitter account was restored under Elon Musk’s oversight, but he has not yet resumed posting.

Musk’s involvement has brought attention to the account’s reinstatement.

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