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AI Influencer Attracts Attention Despite Not Being Real; Expert Warns of Red Flags on Celebrity Dating Apps

The Rise of AI Bots in the Dating World

Credit: DepositPhotos

Virtual influencer Milla Sofia, a 24-year-old AI-powered fashion model, is captivating social media users with her stunning pictures and posts. Despite openly stating her AI identity, some individuals still mistake her for a real person, expressing their desire to meet her in person.

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The Deceptive Trend of AI-Generated Users

AI-generated profiles like Milla Sofia are becoming increasingly prevalent, not only on social media but also on dating apps. Experts note a surge in clients reporting encounters with AI bots in the dating world, leading to a new form of catfishing.

The Challenge of Distinguishing AI from Humans

Alessandra Conti, a celebrity matchmaker, reveals the difficulty in distinguishing AI bots from real individuals. These bots have become so sophisticated in appearance and speech that they deceive even experienced users, leading to instances of emotional manipulation and deception.

Identifying AI Bots on Dating Apps

Conti provides tips for identifying potential AI bots on dating apps. Apart from clear disclosures, she warns against profiles engaging in monetary discussions or promoting investment opportunities as red flags to watch out for.

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Real-Life Influencer’s AI Transformation

Caryn Marjorie, a real-life influencer, has monetized her name and likeness by creating an AI version of herself called CarynAI. She offers interactions with her AI persona for a fee, stating that CarynAI is an extension of her consciousness. While consented AI interactions are accepted, deception through AI-generated profiles poses ethical concerns.

Raya’s Encounter with AI Bots

Even exclusive dating app Raya, favored by celebrities and elites, has not escaped infiltration by AI bots. The rise of AI catfishing poses a challenge for users seeking genuine connections on dating platforms.

Remaining Vigilant on Dating Apps

The celebrity matchmaker advises users to remain vigilant on dating apps and to verify the authenticity of profiles. Avoiding monetary transactions and keeping conversations focused on genuine connections can help users protect themselves from deceptive AI bots.

Trust, but Verify

The message for dating app users is clear: trust but verify. While AI can enhance user experiences, it also introduces new risks. Vigilance and awareness are essential to maintain genuine connections and avoid falling prey to AI-generated deception.

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