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AI Influencer Attracts Attention on Celebrity Dating Apps Despite Being Artificial: Expert Shares Red Flags

Milla Sofia, a virtual influencer and fashion model, has been gaining popularity on social media and celebrity dating app Raya.

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However, the catch is that she is not a real person but an artificial intelligent bot.

Despite openly disclosing her AI identity, many users still show interest in meeting her in person.

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AI-generated users like Milla Sofia are becoming a trend not just on social media but also in the dating world, leading to an increase in catfishing incidents.

Celebrity matchmaker Alessandra Conti explains that these AI bots look incredibly authentic, making it difficult for people to discern if they are interacting with a real person or an AI.

To avoid falling victim to AI bots, Conti suggests looking out for telltale signs, such as monetary discussions, which can be a red flag.

Some AI bots are designed to engage users emotionally and then introduce topics related to crypto or investment opportunities to gain their trust.

While AI influencers like Milla Sofia openly disclose their identity, some bots may not be as transparent, leading to deceptive encounters on dating apps.

Conti advises users to always be vigilant and verify the authenticity of their matches, especially on platforms like Raya, which is also susceptible to AI bot infiltration.

Credit: DepositPhotos

Overall, the rise of AI-generated profiles poses a challenge for users seeking genuine connections online, and caution is essential to avoid falling victim to catfishing schemes.

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