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AI Tools Are Getting More Advanced Every Single Day, Should We Be Worried?

AI Tools Are Getting More Advanced

Artificial intelligence has been the talk of the town for a while. Some people think it will replace humans, while others are more skeptical.

One thing we can agree on is that ever since Open AI released GPT-3, the application of AI tools has exploded.

According to Wikipedia, GPT-3 is an autoregressive language model that uses deep learning to produce human-like text. This means you provide the tools with a prompt and it will produce the human-like text for you.

Digital marketers across the globe are leveraging this at a record pace.

One specific company called Jasper managed to raise $125M at a $1.5B valuation in October 2022. These copywriting tools help marketers produce blog posts, advertising material, personalized emails, and even short stories.

They save a lot of time and relieve writer’s block, so it’s no surprise they’re highly sought after.

More recently, Open AI released DALL E2, an AI system that creates realistic images from text descriptions. A simple sentence of two can produce a high-quality picture in seconds.

AI Tools Are Getting More Advanced

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So What’s Next?

Well, GPT-3 uses deep learning to produce human-like text based on a specific input. Whereas, DALL E 2 creates realistic images based on the text input you provide.

If you combine the application of these two tools then there’s a chance you could produce a whole blog post based on a few lines of input.

A whole blog article could literally be written by GPT-3 and the unique images could be produced by DALL E 2.

AI Tools Are Getting More Advanced

It wouldn’t be very good, and there’s a possibility of plagiarism since it can only produce an output based on the trained input. Although, it could definitely fool some humans.

Of course, this is just one application of the tools working together and there are many more.

Podcast.ai released a 19-minute podcast completely created by AI. The podcast starred Joe Rogan and Steve Jobs. The machine learning programs were trained with hundreds of hours of recordings to get as familiar as possible.

To the untrained ear, it wasn’t obvious that the podcast was generated by AI software. Especially if you’ve never listened to Steve Jobs or Joe Rogan.

This takes me to the downside of AI and makes me wonder if we’ve gone too far.

AI Tools Are Getting More Advanced

Ethical standards are inevitably going to get pushed to the limit. Some would argue that it’s not right to take someone’s public content and let an AI machine produce a fake recording.

What happens when fake viral clips of Presidents spark outrage?

Or a doctor giving false advice?

As you can imagine the list of issues goes beyond just plagiarism. It can create false narratives that social media companies are working hard to combat.

So the next time you read or watch something viral, make sure it wasn’t written by an AI tool.

P.s. this article was written by AI.

…only kidding.


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