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Am I wrong for considering cutting my nephew’s hair without his permission? Reddit weighs in on this moral dilemma!

In a Reddit post on the subreddit “Am I the [expletive]?”, a user seeks the community’s judgment on a morally ambiguous situation involving their nephew’s hair. The individual contemplates cutting their nephew’s hair without his consent. Let’s dive deeper into the details and analyze the different viewpoints.


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The Reddit user begins by explaining that their 16-year-old nephew has extremely long hair which he refuses to cut. The individual mentions that the nephew lives with them, and they have been responsible for his upbringing while his parents dealt with personal issues. However, the long hair has become a topic of contention in their household.

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The Moral Dilemma

The poster expresses concern for their nephew’s appearance, stating that his long hair affects his overall look and might lead to certain social consequences. They contemplate taking matters into their own hands by cutting his hair without his consent. However, they are unsure if this would make them the “[expletive]” in the situation.

Community Reactions

The Reddit community offers a variety of opinions regarding the dilemma. Some users argue that the nephew’s autonomy should be respected, emphasizing that forcing a change in appearance on someone else is never appropriate. They suggest talking to the nephew and expressing concerns rather than taking unilateral action.

On the other hand, some Reddit users empathize with the poster’s frustration and suggest that if they genuinely believe it is in the nephew’s best interest, they should consider having an open and honest conversation about the impact his long hair might have on his life.

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Family Dynamics and Responsibilities

Another element discussed by the community is the nature of the relationship between the nephew and the poster. As the primary caregiver, the Reddit user believes they have the authority to make this decision on behalf of their nephew. However, others argue that even though they have been responsible for his upbringing, respect for personal choice and autonomy should still be paramount.


Credit: DepositPhotos

The Reddit post raises a thought-provoking moral question about whether the poster would be “the [expletive]” for cutting their nephew’s hair without his consent. The community’s responses shed light on the importance of open communication and respecting autonomy. Ultimately, the decision lies with the Reddit user, but considering various perspectives is crucial in finding a fair resolution that respects all parties involved.

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