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Am I Wrong for Refusing to Lend Money to My Struggling Sibling? Seeking Validation and Perspectives

In this Reddit post from r/AmIthe[expletive], the user seeks judgment on their actions regarding a situation with their sibling. They had been asked by their sibling to lend them a handout to cover their rent, which the user refused to provide. The user wants to know if they were in the wrong for saying no to their sibling’s request.

The Proposal and Initial Reaction

The user gives a brief overview of the situation, explaining that their sibling approached them asking for financial assistance to cover their rent. The sibling detailed their struggles and financial difficulties, hoping to persuade the user to help them out. The user explains that their immediate reaction was to decline the request.

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Financial Considerations

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The user elaborates on their decision, stating that they have worked hard to manage their own finances responsibly and building a stable financial foundation for themselves. They express concern about jeopardizing their own financial security by lending a significant sum of money to their sibling. The user felt it would be unfair for them to have to shoulder the burden of their sibling’s poor financial choices.

Prior History and Patterns

In this section, the user discusses the history of their relationship with their sibling. They mention instances where their sibling has asked for financial assistance in the past and how they always seem to be in dire financial circumstances. The user expresses frustration at the apparent lack of effort on the sibling’s part to improve their situation and break free from this cycle of financial dependency.

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Ethical Dilemma

The user raises an ethical question for the Reddit community to consider. They ponder whether it is their responsibility to constantly bail out their sibling, or if they would actually be doing more harm than good by enabling their financial irresponsibility. The user grapples with the guilt of potentially abandoning their familial duty while also recognizing their own need for financial stability.

Alternate Perspectives

In this section, the user details some of the arguments made by their sibling in favor of receiving financial support. They feel obligated to at least explore the other side of the argument, even if they ultimately disagree. The user acknowledges that some commenters might perceive their actions as selfish or lacking compassion.

Seeking Validation and Reflection

The user concludes their post by seeking validation for their decision to say no to their sibling’s request. They express their desire to know if other people would have made the same choice. Additionally, they request insights from the Reddit community about how to navigate the complex dynamics of familial relationships and financial obligations.


Credit: DepositPhotos

This Reddit post from r/AmIthe[expletive] raises important questions about financial boundaries within familial relationships. The user explores their decision to refuse their sibling’s request for financial assistance, reflecting on their own financial stability and concerns about enabling problematic behaviors. By inviting different perspectives, the user seeks validation and guidance on how to handle this delicate situation. Ultimately, this post serves as a reminder of the complexities and moral dilemmas that can arise when faced with familial financial requests.

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