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Am I Wrong for Refusing to Take My Sister’s Parrot? Reddit Users Weigh In!

This article explores a Reddit post from the r/AmItheA**hole subreddit, where the poster seeks validation for not taking their sister’s parrot despite her wishes.

Background Information

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The Reddit post in question delves into a situation where the poster’s sister asks them to take care of her parrot while she goes on vacation. However, the poster clearly expresses their disinterest in the responsibility, leading to a potential conflict.

The Poster’s Perspective

According to the post, the poster explains that they have never been fond of animals, particularly birds, due to past experiences. They argue that it would be unfair to the parrot if they were to take it in temporarily and then neglect its needs. The poster rationalizes their decision by stating that they believe it’s better for the parrot to remain in a familiar environment, such as a bird sanctuary.

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The Sister’s Position

In the post, the sister is portrayed as someone who genuinely cares for her parrot but seems to be facing a temporary issue with finding someone to take care of it. She insists that her sibling is the most suitable choice, given their proximity and relationship. However, the sister’s argument lacks consideration for the poster’s discomfort with the pet.

Reactions and Opinions from Reddit Users

The Reddit community responding to this post offers diverse opinions. Some commenters sympathize with the poster, pointing out the importance of considering one’s own comfort and boundaries. Others argue that family support should override personal preferences, emphasizing the bond between siblings.

Assessing the Situation

While it is essential to weigh both sides’ perspectives, it becomes clear that the poster should not be obligated to take care of the parrot. Personal preferences and past experiences play a significant role in determining one’s comfort level and ability to responsibly care for a pet.

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Communication and Compromise

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Instead of arguing about whether the poster is in the wrong for declining the request, it might be more beneficial for the sister to explore alternative options. Encouraging open communication between the siblings could lead to finding a solution that respects both parties’ needs.


The Reddit post discussed in this article brings attention to the complexities of familial relationships and personal boundaries. While it is important to support one another, there are situations where individuals should be allowed to decline responsibilities that go against their comfort zones. Effective communication and compromise can offer alternative solutions that address everyone’s needs respectfully.

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