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Am I Wrong For Canceling My Brother’s Wedding? Shocking Clash Over Wedding Expenses

In a shocking turn of events, a Reddit user known as u/ThrowawayWedding88 has sparked a heated debate after revealing their decision to cancel their brother’s wedding. The post describes a clash between siblings over mounting wedding expenses. The story quickly gained attention, attracting thousands of comments and judgments from online users. Let’s dig deeper into the details of this controversial AITA thread.

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The post begins with u/ThrowawayWedding88 explaining that their brother, John, recently got engaged to his long-time partner, Sarah. The user mentions that John and Sarah had been dating for six years and had planned an extravagant wedding, aiming to invite around 200 guests. However, as preparations progressed, a series of financial disagreements emerged between the siblings.

Financial Disagreements

According to the post, John and Sarah expected u/ThrowawayWedding88 to contribute a considerable sum of money for the wedding. The user explains that their financial situation was tight, making it impossible to meet the demanding financial obligations. Despite their attempts to explain their limitations, John and Sarah remained adamant about their expectations.

The Decision to Cancel the Wedding

Feeling burdened and overwhelmed, u/ThrowawayWedding88 made the divisive decision to cancel their brother’s wedding. The post states that the user contacted the venue, vendors, and guests, informing them that the event was no longer happening. This unexpected announcement left John and Sarah, as well as their families and friends, in a state of shock and disappointment.

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The Fallout

In the post, u/ThrowawayWedding88 describes the aftermath of their actions. The user witnessed their parents’ anguish over the cancellation and their sibling’s anger at their perceived betrayal. Despite acknowledging the consequences of their decision, u/ThrowawayWedding88 stands firm, feeling as though they made the right choice given their financial limitations and the demanding expectations placed upon them.

Reddit Community Response

The thread quickly gained traction, attracting commentary from various users who were divided in their judgment. Some Reddit users expressed sympathy towards u/ThrowawayWedding88, understanding the pressure they faced when dealing with unreasonable expectations. Others, however, criticized the user for unilaterally canceling an event that had significant emotional and financial investments from their brother and his fiancée.

Verdict: Who is the A**hole?

The AITA thread culminated in an overarching debate over who is responsible for the wedding cancellation. Some argued that John and Sarah should have been more considerate of u/ThrowawayWedding88’s financial constraints. Others contended that canceling the wedding without trying to find alternative solutions was an overly drastic response.


The tale of u/ThrowawayWedding88’s decision to cancel their brother’s wedding has captivated countless online users, prompting a contentious discussion of familial obligations and financial responsibilities. While opinions remain divided as to the user’s actions, one thing is clear: this AITA post will continue to spark debate within the Reddit community for some time to come.

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