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Am I Wrong For choosing My Own Safety Over My Boyfriend During A Hurricane Evacuation?

In a Reddit post on the popular subreddit ‘Am I the A**hole?’, a user sought judgement regarding their decision to leave their boyfriend behind during a hurricane evacuation. The user, known as ‘throwawayhairevac’, explained the circumstances leading up to their choice and asked if they were in the wrong for prioritizing their own safety.

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Throwawayhairevac and their boyfriend, referred to as ‘John’, were both living together in a coastal area prone to hurricanes. When a severe hurricane approached their area, local authorities issued an evacuation order, urging residents to leave to ensure their safety.

The Dilemma

Throwawayhairevac disclosed that John had been experiencing severe anxiety and panic attacks for years. They mentioned that John’s condition had worsened over time, causing his mental health to suffer significantly. According to the user, whenever a storm was on the horizon, John would become increasingly overwhelmed and distressed.

The Decision

With the hurricane approaching, throwawayhairevac decided that it would be in their best interest to evacuate to a safer location until the storm passed. However, they faced a difficult choice: take John with them, potentially jeopardizing his mental health due to his anxiety, or leave him to weather the storm alone. Ultimately, throwawayhairevac chose the latter, believing that their own safety should be the priority in this situation.

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The Fallout

After returning home, throwawayhairevac discovered that their decision to leave John behind had caused a strain in their relationship. John was hurt, feeling abandoned by his partner when he needed support the most. Throwawayhairevac expressed that they understood John’s feelings but still stood by their choice, arguing that they could not sacrifice their own safety for someone who refused to seek help for their mental health issues.

The Opinion of Reddit

Upon sharing the story with the Reddit community, opinions were divided. Some sided with throwawayhairevac, stating that self-preservation should be a priority in dangerous situations. Others criticized throwawayhairevac for not taking responsibility for their partner’s mental health and leaving them behind without exploring other options, such as involving professional help or finding a safe space within the area.

Closing Thoughts

The situation presented in the Reddit post raises complex ethical questions about personal safety versus responsibility towards loved ones. It highlights the challenges faced by individuals coping with mental health issues during high-stress events. Ultimately, how throwawayhairevac and John address the aftermath of this incident will determine the future of their relationship.

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