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Am I Wrong For Denying My Mother In Law Entry Into My Home? The Real-Life Drama of In-Law Struggles

In a Reddit post on r/AmItheA**hole, a user sought validation for their feelings towards their mother-in-law (MIL) and the decision to keep her out of their apartment. The story unfolded with a series of events that led to a confrontation between the user, their partner, and the MIL, shedding light on the complexities of familial relationships and boundaries.

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The Background

The post began with the user outlining the strained relationship between them and their MIL, which had been ongoing for several years. The tense dynamic was sparked by differing opinions, interference in household matters, and a lack of respect for the user’s personal space. The MIL had a history of showing up unannounced and expecting to be accommodated into their living space, causing significant stress and discomfort for the poster.

The Incident

One day, the MIL arrived at the couple’s apartment without prior notice, insisting on entering. Sensing an impending confrontation, the user stood their ground and denied her entry. This led to a heated argument, wherein the MIL accused the user of being disrespectful and keeping her grandchild away from her.

The Reactions

The user’s partner, torn between loyalty to their parent and their partner’s concerns, struggled to navigate the complex familial dynamics. The partner seemed inclined to prioritize the MIL’s feelings and attempted to mediate and convince the user to allow her into their home. However, the user remained steadfast in their decision, feeling that their boundaries were being disregarded yet again.

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Reddit’s Verdict

As expected, the Reddit community was divided in their judgment of the situation. Some users empathized with the poster, citing the importance of setting boundaries and ensuring a safe and comfortable living environment. Others argued in favor of family unity, suggesting that compromise and better communication could help mend the strained relationship.


This Reddit post highlighted a contentious dispute centered around familial boundaries and personal space. While the user faced criticism for their decision to keep their MIL out, they also found support from those who understood the importance of maintaining boundaries and finding a balance between individual needs and familial obligations. The story serves as a reminder that navigating complex family dynamics can be challenging, and there’s rarely a one-size-fits-all solution.

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