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Am I Wrong for Giving My 11-Year-Old Niece the Bedroom I Promised to my Older Nephew?

A recent Reddit post on the popular subreddit r/AmItheAhole has sparked a heated discussion. The user, who remains anonymous, shared a dilemma they faced involving the allocation of a bedroom in their home for their niece. Let’s dive into the details and determine whether or not the user is in the wrong.

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The Story

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The user begins by explaining that their in-laws had recently moved out of their house, leaving an empty bedroom up for grabs. The user had initially promised this room to their older nephew, who was planning to move back with them after finishing his education. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, the nephew postponed his return indefinitely, leaving the bedroom empty.

As time went on, the user’s niece, an 11-year-old girl, came to stay with them. She had experienced some difficulties at home, and the poster’s family offered to provide her a temporary living arrangement. Sensing an opportunity, the user decided to give the niece the bedroom that had been promised to their nephew, who was still vague about his return.

The Conflict

While the poster believed they were making a compassionate decision by giving the niece a more stable environment, their actions didn’t sit well with the older nephew. When he found out that his bedroom had been given away, he contacted the user expressing his displeasure, claiming that his plans to move back had been solidified since he had secured a job near their home.

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AITA? (Am I the Ahole?)

The controversy sparked a fierce response from the Reddit community, as both sides of the argument presented their cases. Some users sympathized with the older nephew, stating that a promise was made and should have been kept regardless of the circumstances. They argued that reneging on the promise could damage the nephew’s trust in the family.

Others took a different stance, arguing that the user had made a fair decision, considering the nephew’s indefinite plans. They believed that the welfare of the niece, who needed immediate stability, weighed more heavily in this case. Some even suggested that the user could find alternative living arrangements for the nephew, such as a rented apartment nearby.


As the discussion continues to generate comments and opinions, it is clear that this situation raises questions about prioritization and the importance of keeping promises. Ultimately, the decision to give the bedroom to the niece instead of the nephew depends on personal values and circumstances. Whether the user is deemed the “ahole” or not is subjective and rests in the hands of the Reddit community.

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