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Am I Wrong For Ignoring My Friend’s Calls And Ignoring Their Emergency? Reddit Responds With Harsh Judgment

In a controversial Reddit post on r/AmItheA**hole, a user shared an incident where they disregarded their friend’s repeated phone calls and refused to provide immediate assistance. The user was seeking public opinion on whether their actions were justified or if they were in fact the a**hole (AITA) in this situation.

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In the post, the Redditor explained that their friend had a habit of calling them at the most inconvenient times and for trivial matters. The Redditor claimed that they had been patient and understanding until a crucial incident occurred that made them question their own actions.

The Incident

On one fateful night, the Redditor had made plans for a quiet evening at home. However, their friend called repeatedly seeking advice on which movie to watch. Annoyed by the seemingly unnecessary interruption, the Redditor ignored the calls and decided to relax instead.

Eventually, the phone calls escalated, with the friend leaving increasingly desperate voicemails. Ignoring these urgent pleas, the Redditor continued to enjoy their personal time, believing it was another trivial matter that could wait.

The Aftermath

It was only the following day when the Redditor discovered the gravity of the situation. They learned from another friend that the caller had been in a severe car accident, resulting in serious injuries. This left the Redditor feeling shocked and guilty for not taking their friend’s earlier calls seriously.

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Seeking Judgment

Feeling remorseful, the Redditor turned to the Reddit community, specifically r/AmItheA**hole, to seek judgment on their actions. They genuinely wanted to know whether they should be held accountable for ignoring their friend’s phone calls and potentially worsening the outcome of the accident.

Public Opinion

In response to the post, the Reddit community was overwhelmingly critical of the Redditor’s behavior. Many users declared that ignoring urgent calls in such a situation was undeniably selfish and insensitive. They emphasized the importance of treating emergencies with utmost seriousness, regardless of prior frustrations with the friend’s behavior.

Some users went as far as labeling the Redditor as the a**hole for displaying a lack of empathy and awareness of the potential consequences of their actions. Others emphasized the necessity of reevaluating their priorities and understanding the significance of personal relationships over personal convenience.


While Reddit’s judgement is subjective, the overwhelming consensus suggests that the Redditor was indeed the a**hole for ignoring their friend’s urgent phone calls, ultimately ignoring a genuine emergency. The incident serves as a reminder to prioritize human connection and empathy over personal convenience when someone’s well-being is at stake.

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