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Am I Wrong For Kicking Out My Brother-In-Law’s Family? Now Facing A Massive Fallout!

A recent post on Reddit’s AITA (Am I the A**hole) subreddit has generated significant buzz and debate. The post’s author recounts a contentious family gathering that ultimately led to them kicking out their brother-in-law’s entire family.

The fallout from this decision has left a lasting impact, prompting the author (OP) to question their actions and ask Reddit users for their judgment. Let’s dive into the details of this dramatic family conflict.

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The Backstory

OP begins by explaining that their brother-in-law (BIL) and BIL’s wife had recently moved back to the town where OP and their spouse reside. Due to strained family dynamics and past conflicts, OP and their spouse didn’t have a close relationship with BIL’s family. However, they tried to extend an olive branch in hopes of starting anew.

The Incident

The conflict came to a head during a family gathering hosted by OP. As the party went on, OP’s family observed BIL’s children behaving aggressively, breaking valuable items, and showing little respect for their surroundings. OP’s spouse, already irked by BIL’s family’s previous behavior, became increasingly upset.

The Breaking Point

The final straw occurred when one of BIL’s children broke an expensive antique vase, an heirloom passed down through generations. In a fit of frustration, OP confronted BIL’s family, demanding they leave their house immediately. The family was shocked by OP’s reaction, but they eventually complied, although not without a heated argument.

The Fallout

After this incident, BIL’s family cut off contact with OP and their spouse, blaming them for the entire ordeal. This led to a fracture in the larger family dynamic, with some relatives taking sides while others tried to play peacemaker. OP’s spouse is torn between feeling justified in their actions and guilt over potentially causing permanent damage to family relationships.

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Seeking Validation on AITA

In search of some vital perspective and insight, OP turned to Reddit’s AITA community to get an impartial judgment. Posting under the username u/AITAthrowaway123, OP narrated the entire situation and asked fellow Redditors to weigh in on their actions.

User Reactions

The comments section exploded with mixed opinions. Some users believed that OP’s reaction was justified, arguing that BIL’s family demonstrated a lack of respect and should bear the consequences of their actions. Others felt that asking such an extensive family to leave was excessive, suggesting that a calmer approach could have resolved the issue and preserved family ties.


As OP eagerly awaits the verdict from the Reddit community, they find solace in the support they have received so far. Nonetheless, they still grapple with the potential permanent fallout from their decision. The clash between OP’s family and BIL’s family serves as a reminder of the complexities that can arise within family relationships, highlighting the importance of open communication and understanding.

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