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Am I Wrong For Refusing My Cousin’s Request? The Reddit Community Is Divided!

A recent post on Reddit’s popular “Am I the A**hole?” subreddit has sparked a debate among users. The post revolves around a Redditor refusing a request made by their cousin. Let’s delve into the details and see if our judgment aligns with the community’s consensus.

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The Request

In the post titled “AITA for refusing my cousin’s request,” the Redditor elaborates on their cousin’s ask. According to the OP, their cousin approached them about lending their car for a few days as their own vehicle was temporarily out of commission.

OP’s Reasoning

The OP, in their post, explains their reasons for declining their cousin’s request. Firstly, they express concerns regarding the cousin’s driving behavior and lack of responsibility. The Redditor narrates instances where their cousin had been involved in accidents and had displayed a generally reckless attitude towards vehicle maintenance.

Additionally, the OP highlights the sentimental value of the car. They emphasize that it holds significance to them as a family heirloom passed down through generations. Fearing potential damage or mishandling, the Redditor decides to stand their ground against loaning the vehicle.

Community’s Response

As expected, the Reddit community was divided in their assessment of the situation. While some users empathized with the OP’s concerns and supported their decision, others felt the Redditor could have been more understanding and accommodating given the temporary nature of the request.

Those supporting the OP argued that they have every right to prioritize their vehicle’s well-being, considering their cousin’s track record. They point out that maintaining boundaries and protecting personal belongings should take precedence, regardless of the requester’s emotional appeal.

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On the other hand, some Redditors believed the OP may have missed an opportunity to demonstrate compassion towards their cousin during a difficult time. They encouraged compromise and open communication, suggesting the cousin could provide some form of reassurance or mutually agreed-upon compensation.


Passing judgment on this Reddit thread, it seems that while there is no clear right or wrong answer, the OP does not appear to be the “a**hole” in this particular situation. Their concerns over the cousin’s driving history and the sentimental value of the car are valid reasons for refusing the request.


The Reddit post highlighting a Redditor’s refusal to lend their car to their cousin has ignited a discussion within the “Am I the A**hole?” community. While opinions differ on whether the OP was in the wrong or not, it is apparent that personal values and past experiences strongly influenced their decision. In the end, it is crucial to recognize one’s boundaries and prioritize the well-being of personal possessions, as long as empathy is still present.

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