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Am I Wrong For Refusing To Give Up My Personal Space To A Couple? Redditors Divided

In a thought-provoking post on Reddit’s popular forum, r/AmItheA**hole, a user recently opened up a debate about their decision to reject a couple’s request to take over their personal room. The user is left wondering whether they are in the wrong for prioritizing their own boundaries and personal space.

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The Initial Request

The user begins by sharing that they currently rent a house with two other people. Due to the limited number of rooms, each person occupies a separate bedroom, and the user pays a slightly higher rent for the privilege of having their own space. However, the couple who rents the master bedroom approached the user and asked if they would be willing to switch rooms to accommodate them.

The Decision and Reasoning

Refusing the couple’s request, the user explained that they value their privacy and having their own space, which they pay extra for. They also mention that the couple has previously indicated that they needed the master bedroom due to the extra storage space, while the user has made no such demand.

Conflicting Opinions

Opinions on the matter were divided. Some Reddit users supported the original poster (OP), emphasizing the significance of personal boundaries and the right to enjoy the space for which one is paying extra. Others argued that the OP should be more considerate and accommodating, particularly if the couple has a valid reason for the room switch.

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Addressing the Assumption of Entitlement

OP’s personal story caught the attention of many readers, who shared their own similar experiences and perspectives. Some people were astonished by the audacity of the couple to even ask for someone else’s room, while others were more understanding, suggesting that the request may simply have been a misunderstanding of the OP’s intentions.

Final Verdict

While the majority of commenters refrained from declaring the OP as the sole “a**hole” in this situation, a consensus wasn’t easily reached. However, many people agreed that the OP had the right to prioritize their personal space, given the extra rent they pay.

Some suggested having a conversation with the couple to explore alternative solutions, such as dividing the extra storage space evenly or finding additional storage options for the couple’s belongings.


The Reddit post sparked a heated online debate, highlighting the importance of personal boundaries and respect for individual space. The situation presented a dilemma for the user, leading to conflicting opinions on whether their decision to reject the couple’s request to switch rooms was morally justifiable.

Ultimately, it serves as a reminder that different people have varying comfort levels and priorities when it comes to personal space, leading to diverse perspectives on such matters.

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