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Am I Wrong for refusing to let my friend bring her pet snake into my home? Reddit weighs in on the heated debate

In a recent Reddit post on r/AmItheA**hole, a user shared a story about an incident involving a friend and her roommate. The user explained that their friend, who was staying with them temporarily, requested to bring her pet snake along as well. However, the user denied their friend’s request, leading to a conflict between them. Seeking clarity on the situation, the user turned to the Reddit community and asked if they were the [expletyi] (abbreviated as AITA) for refusing to allow their friend’s snake into their home.

The user’s perspective

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According to the Reddit post, the user provided valid reasons for denying their friend’s request to bring the snake. They outlined concerns about allergies and the safety of other people, including themselves and their pets. The user expressed their fear of potential accidents or bites, citing a lack of familiarity with snakes as a primary reason for their unease.

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The friend’s perspective

The post includes details regarding the friend’s perspective. She argued that her pet snake was harmless and well-behaved, and she insisted on the importance of having proper accommodations for her beloved pet. The friend felt that the user’s refusal was unfair and unreasonable, as it would force her to find alternative arrangements for her snake or potentially leave it behind.

The conflict escalates

As the Reddit post unfolds, it becomes evident that the disagreement escalated into a heated argument between the user and their friend. The user claimed that the friend became increasingly hostile, accusing them of not being understanding or accommodating. In response, the user stood firm in their decision, stating that their concerns for safety and allergies remained a priority.

Community responses

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The Reddit community responded to the user’s post with a variety of opinions and perspectives. Some supported the user, asserting that their home was their own space, and therefore, they had the right to establish boundaries and make decisions regarding animals on their premises. These individuals argued that the friend should have respected the user’s choices instead of causing a confrontation.

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Others, however, empathized with the friend, suggesting that the user could have compromised or found alternative solutions that would accommodate both parties. They questioned whether the user’s fear of snakes was rational and suggested that open communication and understanding might have resolved the conflict more amicably.

Reflecting on the situation

The Reddit post concludes with the user expressing their gratitude for the community’s perspectives. They mentioned that they had gained new insight and were open to reconsidering their stance. The user acknowledged that, in retrospect, they could have handled the situation differently and found a compromise that respected both their concerns and their friend’s attachment to the snake.

The verdict

While each Reddit user expressed their own opinions, there was no definitive verdict on whether the original poster (OP) was the [expletive] in the situation. Instead, the post provided a platform for discussion and highlighted the importance of effective communication and compromise when facing conflicts between friends.


This Reddit post showcases a conflict between a user and their friend concerning whether the friend could bring her pet snake into the user’s home. The post explores the perspectives of both parties involved and seeks the judgment of the Reddit community. Through the diverse range of responses, the importance of communication, compromise, and respecting personal boundaries emerged as central themes in resolving conflicts.

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