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Am I Wrong For Taking My Son And His Friends To The Zoo Without Permission? Sparks Heated Debate And Accusations Of Negligence

In a thought-provoking post on Reddit’s AITA (Am I the A**hole) subreddit, a parent seeks validation for their controversial decision to take their son and his friends to the zoo without obtaining permission from the other parents involved. The post has sparked a heated debate among the online community, leaving many to question the parent’s actions. Let’s delve into the story and explore different perspectives on the matter.

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The parent starts off by explaining that their son had been begging for weeks to visit the local zoo. Eager to fulfill their child’s wish, the parent decides to take it upon themselves to make it happen. However, instead of asking the other parents for permission, they assume it wouldn’t be an issue and assume that accompanying their son’s friends would be a pleasant surprise.

The Zoo Trip

On the day of the outing, the parent picks up their son and two of his friends without informing their parents. They proceed to drive to the zoo, where they spend several hours enjoying the various exhibits and attractions. The parent emphasizes that all the children had a fantastic time, and the unanticipated visit seemingly went smoothly.

The Aftermath

Upon returning home, the parent is confronted by the angry and worried parents of the two friends. The parents explain that they were terrified when they discovered their children missing and were only informed about the impromptu zoo trip after the fact. Infuriated, they accuse the parent of violating their trust and putting their children’s safety at risk.

Controversy and Opinions

The Reddit post has generated intense discussions within the community. While some users sympathize with the parent’s desire to create a memorable experience for their child, others argue that the parent’s actions were irresponsible and disrespectful.

Credits: Pexels

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Accusations of A**holery

Many Redditors express their belief that the parent was indeed in the wrong, highlighting the importance of obtaining consent from the children’s guardians before taking them on such outings. They argue that the parent’s assumption was arrogant and potentially put the children’s safety at risk.

Defense and Counter Arguments

On the other hand, some individuals defend the parent’s intentions, pointing out that they were simply trying to provide a fun adventure for the kids. These supporters argue that the parent’s positive intentions outweigh any perceived negligence. However, others contend that good intentions do not absolve the parent from the breach of trust and lack of communication.


The story of the parent taking their son and his friends to the zoo without permission has ignited a vigorous debate. While some sympathize with the parent’s efforts to create lasting memories, others view their actions as inconsiderate and irresponsible. Ultimately, whether the parent’s behavior qualifies as “a**holery” is a matter of subjective interpretation, subject to individual values and perspectives.

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