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America First Legal Sues DOJ for Failing to Require Hunter Biden Register as Foreign Agent

America First Legal (AFL) has announced a lawsuit against the Justice Department (DOJ) and Attorney General Merrick Garland for their alleged failure to require Hunter Biden to register as a foreign agent. AFL claims that Hunter Biden received substantial payments from foreign entities without fulfilling the necessary registration obligations.

Hunter Biden’s Financial Relationships

Hunter Biden received a $1 million legal retainer and $3.8 million in consulting fees from CEFC China Energy Co., a company linked to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Despite these financial ties, Hunter Biden reportedly refused to register as a foreign agent on behalf of CEFC. Additionally, he served on the board of Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian energy company, earning $83,000 per month.

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Failure to Enforce Registration Requirements

America First Legal argues that Attorney General Garland and the DOJ neglected to enforce the registration requirements for foreign agents, specifically in Hunter Biden’s case. They contend that federal law explicitly states that no person should act as an agent of a foreign principal without filing the necessary registration statement.

AFL alleges that this failure to ensure compliance occurred during the Obama administration as well.

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Contrasting Treatment

AFL points out the discrepancy in the treatment of Dr. Gal Luft, a whistleblower associated with CEFC China Energy Co., who was indicted by the DOJ for failing to register as a foreign agent. In contrast, Hunter Biden, who worked for the same company, did not face similar charges.

AFL highlights the apparent use of Hunter Biden’s unique access and position for the benefit of multiple foreign principals.

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Demand for Transparency

Gene Hamilton, America First Legal’s Vice President and General Counsel, emphasizes that the Attorney General has a non-discretionary duty to ensure that Hunter Biden registers as a foreign agent under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).

Hamilton argues that transparency regarding Hunter Biden’s activities on behalf of foreign principals is crucial for the American people.


America First Legal’s lawsuit against the DOJ and Attorney General Merrick Garland brings attention to the alleged failure to require Hunter Biden to register as a foreign agent. The lawsuit raises concerns about potential conflicts of interest and calls for transparency regarding Hunter Biden’s financial relationships with foreign entities.

As the legal battle unfolds, the outcome of the lawsuit may shed light on the enforcement of FARA requirements and its implications for individuals involved in similar situations.

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