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‘American Idol’ Winner’s Apology: Reflecting on a Memorable National Anthem Performance

Iam Tongi, the talented winner of the 21st season of ‘American Idol,’ recently made headlines when he forgot to remove his hat while performing the national anthem at the 2023 MLB Home Run Derby. In this article, we explore Tongi’s heartfelt apology, the overwhelming support he received, his journey on ‘American Idol,’ and his resilient attitude in the face of criticism.

Forgetting the Hat

Taking the field at T-Mobile Park in Seattle, Iam Tongi had the honor of performing the national anthem. Unfortunately, he forgot to remove his hat before starting the song. Tongi promptly acknowledged the mistake and took responsibility, expressing his nervousness and apologizing for the oversight. He shared his genuine desire to improve and deliver a flawless performance next time.

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Apology and Fan Support

Not only did Tongi address the incident on YouTube, but he also took to Twitter to express his regret and determination to do better. Fans flooded the comments sections with messages of support, commending Tongi for his honesty and praising his performance. Many reassured him that nerves can affect anyone and emphasized his remarkable talent and artistry.

A Friendship Forged on ‘American Idol’

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Throughout his journey on ‘American Idol,’ Iam Tongi developed close friendships with fellow contestants Megan Danielle and Colin Stough. Tongi fondly recalls the camaraderie and laughter they shared during the competition. Their support and the unwavering presence of family and friends helped him stay grounded during the intense experience.

Facing Criticism and Rising Above

Following his victory on ‘American Idol,’ Tongi faced criticism from viewers who believed his win was influenced by his personal story and perceived favoritism. Despite the negative comments, Tongi remained resilient and shrugged off the controversy. He acknowledged that his music may not resonate with everyone, but he expressed gratitude for the opportunity to learn and grow as an artist.

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Moving Forward

While the hat mishap during the national anthem performance became a memorable moment, Iam Tongi remains focused on his artistic journey. He appreciates the support he received from fans and acknowledges the valuable lessons learned from both positive and negative experiences. Tongi’s determination to continue improving and his unwavering passion for music will undoubtedly fuel his future endeavors.


Iam Tongi’s apology for forgetting to remove his hat during the national anthem demonstrates his humility and commitment to his craft. Despite the minor misstep, Tongi received overwhelming support from fans who recognized his talent and appreciated his sincere apology. His experience on ‘American Idol’ not only allowed him to showcase his musical abilities but also provided him with lasting friendships and valuable lessons in resilience. As Tongi looks ahead, he remains poised to embrace new opportunities and deliver captivating performances that resonate with audiences around the world.

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