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American Opinion Divided Over Trump’s DOJ Charges: Polls Show GOP’s Unwavering Support

In the wake of the Department of Justice (DOJ) revealing a 37-count indictment against former President Donald Trump, American opinions are split, with some agreeing with the charges while a significant portion of GOP voters remain firm in their support for Trump. 

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Majority of Republicans See Charges as Politically Motivated

A recent CBS News/YouGov poll indicates that a significant 76% of Republicans believe that the indictment against Trump is ‘politically motivated.’ Additionally, the poll reveals that 61% of GOP voters say the indictment ‘won’t change’ their perspective of Trump. A notable 14% said their opinion of him has even improved due to the indictment, while only 7% viewed him more negatively.

Americans Split on Indictment 

In a separate survey from ABC News/Ipsos, 48% of Americans said they agreed with the charges against Trump. However, 35% believe he shouldn’t have been charged. These polls expose the deep political divide in America, with attitudes towards Trump’s indictment largely following partisan lines.

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Impact on 2024 Elections

The DOJ’s indictment against Trump appears to have done little to sway his core supporters. These poll results indicate that those planning to vote for Trump in the 2024 primary are likely to continue to do so, despite the indictment. The CBS/YouGov poll shows that only 12% of Republican voters believe that the documents Trump held posed a ‘national security risk.’

Trump’s Reaction to Charges 

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Trump, unfazed by the indictment, boasted during his remarks at the GOP conventions in Georgia and North Carolina that the legal charges against him had, paradoxically, boosted his poll numbers. Trump’s indictment was also seen by many, including Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, as proof of his popularity and proof of him ‘beating Biden in poll after poll after poll.’

While the indictment has stirred the political pot, it appears to have done little to dent Trump’s popularity within his base. This finding will likely have a significant bearing on the 2024 elections, indicating that Trump’s legal troubles may not adversely impact his electoral prospects as much as one might expect.

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