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“Americans Deserve Better”: Texas Residents Call Out Trump Ahead of Planned Border Visit

Residents of Texas near the U.S.-Mexico border express discontent and denounce the impending visit of former President Donald Trump, labeling him a “traitor” amidst heightened tensions over immigration policies and border security.

Eagle Pass Residents’ Response

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Local residents and the Eagle Pass Border Coalition rejected Trump’s visit, asserting that it offers nothing beneficial to the community and is seen as a distraction tactic.

They expressed dissatisfaction with Trump’s approach to immigration issues and view his visit as unwelcome.

Contrasting Visits by Biden and Trump

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Trump’s visit to Eagle Pass coincides with President Joe Biden’s visit to Brownsville, highlighting the divergent approaches of the two administrations to border issues.

While Biden engages with border officials and local leaders, Trump’s visit is met with skepticism and criticism from residents.

Criticism of Trump’s Motives

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“[The visit] has nothing to offer Eagle Pass, and Eagle Pass has nothing to gain from it,” posted the Eagle Pass Border Coalition on Monday evening.

Trump Not Welcome

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The post further stated, (Trump is) “Not welcome here and you know it. Not a leader but a loser. Not a president, but a contender. Not a rebel but a threat. Not a friend but an enemy. Not a patriot but a traitor.”

“Eagle Pass deserves better. Maverick County deserves better. Texas deserves better. America deserves better. We deserve better.”

Locals Criticize Trump’s Visit

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Trump’s planned visit is being referred to by residents and coalition members as “a brazen attempt to distract attention from his upcoming criminal and civil trials,” citing his legal troubles and utilizing immigration as a focal point to win over supporters before the November campaign.

Verbal Jab at Abbott

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The coalition also took a verbal jab at Governor Abbott, referencing his brief visit to Eagle Pass and characterizing it as a fleeting political maneuver.

Abbott’s actions are portrayed as emblematic of broader dissatisfaction with political leadership.

Past Criticism of Abbott’s Approach

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The post criticized previous tensions between Abbott and the Biden administration, including legal disputes, as contributing factors to the current discontent among residents.

More Criticism of Trump

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“Will you take time to visit our missions and talk to our church leaders? Will you show any respect or interest for the rich history and culture of Eagle Pass, a city that prides itself on its diversity and harmony? Will you recognize the challenges and opportunities facing our border community, such as trade, security, environment and immigration? Or will he just throw out his usual lies, insults and conspiracy theories, fanning the flames of hate and division?” the Facebook post added.

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