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Americans Divided on Trump’s Legal Troubles, Poll Shows

A recent survey conducted by the AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research reveals that the trial of former President Donald Trump has resulted in a divided opinion among Americans regarding his involvement in criminal activities. 

The poll indicates that approximately one-third of U.S. adults believe that Trump engaged in illegal behavior in the hush money case, while nearly half suspect wrongdoing in the other pending criminal cases against him. 

However, many express skepticism regarding the fairness of the prosecution and the impartiality of judges and jurors in cases involving Trump.

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Public perception of the trial proceedings could significantly impact Trump’s political future, as half of Americans would consider him unfit for the presidency if convicted in the hush money case. 

The verdict, expected in approximately six weeks, may affect Trump’s campaign as he prepares to run for president again, making him the first former president under indictment to seek nomination from a major party.

Trump has denied the charges against him and has characterized the prosecutions as politically motivated. 

Despite his efforts to rally support among GOP voters, a conviction could sway public perception, particularly among independent voters and those who were previously skeptical of Trump.

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The poll highlights widespread doubt regarding the fairness of the legal proceedings against Trump, as roughly 2 out of 10 Americans express confidence in the impartiality of judges and jurors. 

Many view the cases as politically motivated persecution rather than genuine legal action.

While opinions vary along party lines, a significant portion of Republicans maintain that Trump has done nothing wrong. 

Conversely, Democrats and independents are more likely to believe that Trump engaged in illegal or unethical behavior. 

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However, the majority of Americans across party affiliations agree that a criminal conviction would disqualify Trump from serving as president.

Despite these divisions, nearly six in ten Republicans indicate that they would still consider Trump fit for the presidency even if convicted in the hush money case. 

Democrats overwhelmingly disagree while independents are more evenly split on the matter. 

Opinions on Trump’s legal challenges reflect broader political divisions and differing perceptions of his character and leadership capabilities.

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