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Americans Overwhelmingly Favor Israel Over Hamas, Despite Nationwide Campus Protests: Poll Reveals

A new poll indicates a decisive majority of Americans favor Israel over Hamas in the current conflict that continues to grip the Gaza Strip.

According to the Harvard CAPS-Harris survey, 80% of registered voters express support for Israel, compared to 20% who favor Hamas. 

This shows a consistency from last month’s data, affirming steady support for Israel.

The survey details that support for Israel varies by age, with older Americans showing higher levels of support. 

Among those aged 65 and over, support for Israel reaches above 90%, while the youngest demographics show relatively lower support, with 57% of 18-24-year-olds favoring Israel.

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In response to the ongoing crisis in the Middle East, pro-Palestinian protests have recently erupted on college campuses across the country. 

More than a hundred students were arrested during the biggest and most intense protests at Columbia University, and in the last few days, dozens more were arrested at Yale and New York University.  

Demonstrators urged the university to remove campus funding from organizations affiliated with Israel. 

But despite the fact that pro-Palestinian university demonstrations are becoming more widespread across the country, the poll indicates that the majority of Americans still strongly support Israel.

The conflict between institutional control and student activism is being highlighted by the range of strategies used by universities to handle the on-campus protests, from talks to enforcement actions like suspensions and arrests.

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The poll indicates that 61% of Americans favor a cease-fire conditional on the removal of Hamas from power and the safe return of hostages taken during Hamas’s attack on Israel on October 7.

There is a noticeable age-related divide in opinions on how the cease-fire should be implemented. 

Older age groups largely support conditional cease-fires, whereas a significant portion of the youngest adults, ages 18-24, prefer an unconditional cease-fire.

The vast majority of respondents favor Israel carrying out its military operations, especially into Rafah, which Israeli officials claim has become a haven for both Hamas militants and Palestinian civilians, despite calls for a cease-fire.

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The survey highlights that the way questions are framed can significantly affect responses.

While a large majority supports a permanent cease-fire, support decreases if such a cease-fire allows Hamas to continue holding hostages or to maintain control over Gaza.

Conducted from April 24 to 25, the survey polled 1,961 registered voters and was carried out online. 

It reflects a collaboration between Harvard University’s Center for American Political Studies and the Harris Poll, with a margin of error of plus or minus 2 points.

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