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America’s Borders First, Ukraine’s Next, Says Senator Lee

Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) criticizes elected officials for prioritizing Ukraine’s border security over that of the United States. 

In an extensive Senate address, he argues for securing America’s borders before allocating billions in aid to foreign nations.

Lee and Paul’s Last-Ditch Effort to Stall National Security Package

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Senator Lee and Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) stage a “Die-Hards Filibuster” to prolong debate on the $95.3 billion national security supplemental package. 

Their aim is to push for additional amendments, particularly focusing on border security measures.

Urgent Debate on Aid Package

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The Senate faces a critical vote on the emergency national security package, which includes substantial aid to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. 

Amidst growing tensions, Senators grapple with competing priorities and procedural obstacles.

Senator Lee’s Critique

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Senator Lee condemns colleagues who prioritize foreign aid over addressing the crisis at America’s borders. 

He accuses lawmakers of betraying their duty to protect American citizens and uphold national security interests.

Filibuster Tactics

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Senators Lee and Paul employ filibuster tactics to stall the vote and advocate for amendments addressing illegal immigration. 

Their efforts aim to compel President Biden to address the surge of illegal immigrants entering the United States.

Partisan Objections

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Despite repeated attempts to propose amendments, Senator Lee faces objections from Democratic senators, preventing substantive debate on immigration policy. 

The partisan divide hinders progress in addressing border security concerns.

Broken Promises

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Senator Lee criticizes Republican senators who previously pledged to prioritize border security but now support the national security aid package without adequate provisions for immigration reform. 

He accuses them of betraying their commitment to American voters.

Senator Lee’s Amendments

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Senator Lee introduced amendments aimed at strengthening border security, including measures to deter illegal immigration and protect American sovereignty. 

However, objections from Democratic senators hinder their consideration.

Lack of Strategy

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Senator Lee insists on a clear strategy for U.S. assistance to Ukraine, emphasizing the need for accountability and strategic objectives. 

He calls for transparency in allocating funds and ensuring they serve American national interests.

Protecting American Sovereignty

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Senator Lee underscores the importance of safeguarding America’s borders as a fundamental aspect of national security. 

He urges fellow lawmakers to prioritize domestic concerns and uphold the sovereignty of the United States.

Uncertainty Surrounding Border Security

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As the Senate prepares for a crucial vote on the national security package, uncertainty looms over the inclusion of border security provisions. 

Senator Lee’s advocacy highlights the ongoing struggle to reconcile competing priorities in legislative debates.

Bipartisan Cooperation Needed 

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Senator Lee calls for bipartisan cooperation in addressing border security challenges and advancing meaningful immigration reform. 

He emphasizes the importance of unity in safeguarding America’s interests and upholding the rule of law.

The Path Forward

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As debate continues in the Senate, the path forward remains uncertain. Senator Lee’s impassioned plea for prioritizing border security sets the stage for critical discussions on America’s role in global affairs and the protection of its citizens.

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