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America’s Stakes In Assisting Ukraine Against Russia

As the conflict between Ukraine and Russia continues, it is vital for the United States to support Ukraine in its fight against Russian aggression. History has shown that the preservation of freedom requires significant effort and resources, and the outcome in Ukraine has broader implications for the United States.

Some may advocate for appeasement towards Russia, but this approach is not effective. Russia has chosen to be America’s adversary, and it is crucial to remember the success achieved during the Cold War through principled statecraft and diplomacy.

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Under Putin’s leadership, Russia is pursuing the reconstitution of the Russian empire and viewing NATO as an enemy. This aggression violates territorial integrity and threatens civilian targets intentionally. Moreover, Russia’s alignment with other adversaries like Iran and China poses a significant challenge to the United States.

Assisting Ukraine in repelling the Russian invasion is in America’s vital national interest. It strengthens NATO’s front and deters further Russian aggression. It also sends a message to Asian partners facing Chinese aggression, showing the United States’ commitment to safeguarding freedom and prosperity.

The consequences of Putin’s war have also affected the American people, leading to higher food and energy prices and impacting industries like farming. Supporting Ukraine’s defense efforts can help stabilize the situation and reduce threats to American servicemembers.

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To achieve success, the United States, alongside its NATO allies and European partners, should lead the effort in providing Ukraine with the necessary weapons and equipment to fight on their own. This does not require American troops to fight in Ukraine but instead empowers the Ukrainians to resist Russian coercion effectively.

The U.S. commitment to training Ukrainian forces, supplying F-16 fighter jets, and providing long-range missiles is commendable, but faster delivery of support is essential to address the current battlefield conditions.

Both Presidents Eisenhower and Reagan demonstrated a pragmatic approach to foreign affairs, supporting those who defended themselves against oppression without committing American lives to direct conflict. Supporting Ukraine’s quest for freedom and security aligns with this tradition and serves the interests of America and its allies.

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