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Anti-Trump Republicans Explore Options In Upcoming Election

As former President Donald Trump moves closer to securing the GOP’s presidential nomination, some prominent Republicans are facing a dilemma about their support for him.

Becky Edwards, Krista Kafer, Jennifer Horn, and many other GOP voters are grappling with their stance on Trump, given his growing influence within the party.

Support Coalescing Around Trump

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Following the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primaries, Trump has garnered significant endorsements from former challengers, effectively sidelining his competitors.

This support consolidation has raised concerns among those who oppose Trump’s candidacy.

Considering Unthinkable Options

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As Trump’s path to the nomination becomes more apparent, some Republicans are contemplating choices they once deemed unthinkable, including voting for incumbent President Joe Biden or abstaining from voting for the president altogether.

Trump’s Polarizing Effect

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Trump’s divisive image has led some members of his party to align with the “Never Trump” movement, even if it means supporting Democratic candidates.

They argue that Trump’s behavior, involvement in the events of January 6, 2021, and ongoing legal challenges make him an unsuitable candidate for the presidency.

A Call for a Return to Conservative Values

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Becky Edwards, a former Utah state legislator, believes in a return to the principles of Ronald Reagan’s “Big Tent” conservatism, emphasizing law and order, fiscal restraint, morality, and civility.

She contends that Trump’s tenure has compromised these values.

Critiques of Trump’s Conduct

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Jennifer Horn, a former chairwoman of the New Hampshire Republican Party, has been a vocal critic of Trump, aligning with the “Never Trump” movement.

She believes Trump’s behavior and legal challenges disqualify him from being president again.

Concerns About Trump’s Appeal

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Despite winning the New Hampshire primary, Trump faced signs of concern in exit polls.

Many independent voters supported Nikki Haley, and some Republican primary voters indicated they wouldn’t back Trump in the presidential election.

A Divide Among Republican Voters

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Statistics from previous elections reveal a divide among Republican voters.

While Trump secured strong support from conservative Republicans, he faced challenges in winning over moderate or liberal Republicans, potentially impacting his chances in the general election.

The Role of Nikki Haley

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Some anti-Trump Republicans hope that Nikki Haley, former South Carolina Governor and Trump’s remaining serious competitor, will take a more forceful stance against the former president.

They see her as a potential candidate who could uphold democratic values.

Trump’s Response

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The Trump campaign dismissed concerns about his candidacy and pointed to his strong support in polls, particularly among very conservative voters.

Varied Responses Among Republicans

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Krista Kafer, a Republican from Colorado, supported Trump in 2020 but was disillusioned after the events of January 6.
She’s open to voting for a third-party candidate like Larry Hogan but won’t vote for Trump or abstain.

Past Trends with Third-Party Candidates

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While third-party candidates drew significant votes in 2016, their support dwindled in 2020, with the majority of 2016 third-party voters ultimately backing Biden.

A Commitment to Republican Values

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Becky Edwards remains committed to electing Republicans who prioritize civility and respect.

She hopes the GOP can return to its core values, with Nikki Haley as a potential leader.

Diverging Opinions Among Republicans

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Elections expert Dan Lee notes that while some Republicans may express reluctance to support Trump, most anti-Trump Republicans have faded as his influence within the party has grown.

Past elections suggest that many of these voters still choose Trump.

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