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Appeals Court Says Trump Does Not Have Presidential Immunity In 2020 Election Interference Case

A federal appeals panel in Washington, D.C., delivered a significant blow to former President Donald Trump on Tuesday, ruling that he can stand trial for his alleged involvement in efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

The decision, which sharply refutes Trump’s claims of immunity from prosecution, has wide-ranging implications and sets the stage for further legal battles that could prolong the case.

Appeals Panel Rejects Trump’s Immunity Claim

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In a unanimous ruling, the appeals panel dismissed Trump’s argument that he is immune from prosecution, effectively reviving a landmark prosecution that had been on hold pending the appeal.

President’s Not Immune Forever

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The decision not only rejects Trump’s immunity claim but also reiterates that former presidents are subject to criminal accountability like any other citizen.

The judges wrote, “We cannot accept that the office of the Presidency places its former occupants above the law for all time thereafter.”

Impact on Trial Timing

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The ruling comes amidst uncertainty regarding the timing of the trial, which was initially scheduled for March 4.

Decision To Be Appealed

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Trump’s legal team has vowed to appeal the decision, a move that could further delay proceedings.

If the case reaches the Supreme Court, it may face additional delays, potentially impacting the trial’s timeline.

Political Ramifications

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The eventual trial date holds significant political implications, with Trump’s team seeking to postpone proceedings until after the November election.

Jack Smith Eager To Prosecute Early

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However, special counsel Jack Smith’s team is eager to prosecute Trump this year, setting the stage for a legal battle with far-reaching consequences.

Court’s Repudiation of Immunity Claims

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The appeals panel’s ruling marks the second time since December that judges have affirmed Trump’s liability for actions taken during his presidency.

Public Interest Outweighs Potential Risks of Chilling Presidential Action

Credit: Louisville, Kentucky March 20, 2017 President Donald J. Trump addresses a crowd at a rally inside Freedom Hall in Louisville, Kentucky, on March 20, 2017. — Photo by jctabb

The court emphatically rejected Trump’s claim of absolute immunity, stating that public interest in criminal accountability “outweighs the potential risks of chilling Presidential action,” turning aside the claim that a president has “unbounded authority to commit crimes” that would prevent the recognition of election results or violate the rights of citizens to vote.

Trump’s Legal Strategy

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Following the ruling, Trump’s spokesperson announced plans to appeal, emphasizing the need to safeguard the presidency and the Constitution.

Trump’s Response on Social Media

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Trump himself took to Truth Social to assert that a President “must have Full Immunity in order to properly function and do what has to be done for the good of our Country.”

Supreme Court’s Role

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While the Supreme Court declined to intervene during the appeals process, it may still decide to consider Trump’s appeal.

The justices could seek input from special counsel Jack Smith before reaching a decision.

If the Supreme Court rejects the appeal, trial proceedings would resume under U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan.

Ongoing Legal Challenges

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The case in Washington is one of several legal challenges Trump faces, including federal charges in Florida, state charges in Georgia, and New York.

These prosecutions, stemming from various alleged offenses, underscore the legal scrutiny surrounding Trump’s actions during and after his presidency.

Legal Battle Continues

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The appeals court’s ruling marks a significant development in Trump’s legal battle over his alleged interference in the 2020 election.

While the decision clears the way for trial proceedings, further appeals and legal challenges are likely to prolong the case, ensuring that Trump’s legal woes remain a focal point in the political land.

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