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Arizona Governor Deploys National Guard to Address Border Crisis

Arizona Governor Takes Action

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Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs, a Democrat, has signed an executive order to deploy National Guard members to the southern border with Mexico. She cited the federal government’s lack of action in addressing border issues as the reason behind this move.

National Guard Deployment

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National Guard members will be stationed at various locations along the southern border near the Lukeville Port of Entry and the San Miguel crossing. Governor Hobbs should have specified the exact number of members to be deployed.

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Assisting Border Security

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The deployed National Guard members will collaborate with the Department of Public Safety and local law enforcement agencies. Their tasks will include fentanyl interdiction, analytical support, and efforts to combat human trafficking at the border.

Governor’s Statement

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Governor Hobbs emphasized the need for resources and a workforce to address the border situation effectively. She stated that the federal government still needs to provide essential resources despite repeated requests for assistance.

Lukeville Port Closure

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U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) closed the Lukeville Point of Entry on December 4, redirecting resources to combat increased illegal smuggling of migrants elsewhere on the border. This decision has led to concerns about safety and commerce in Arizona.

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Governor’s Request to President Biden

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Governor Hobbs sent a letter to President Joe Biden on December 8, urging him to reassign National Guard members to assist in reopening the Lukeville Point of Entry. She called it an “unmitigated humanitarian crisis” and requested additional support.

Cost Incurred

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The governor also requested the federal government to reimburse the state for over $512 million in costs related to border operations, including migrant transportation, drug

interdiction, and law enforcement. These expenses have strained the state’s resources.

Border Security as a Partisan Issue

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Border security has often been contentious, with differing views between Republicans and Democrats. Republicans emphasize more restrictive measures, while Democrats focus on the humanitarian needs of migrants and asylum-seekers.

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Pressure on President Biden

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President Biden faces pressure from both sides, with some Democrats seeking more funding and action to address immigration challenges in their cities. The situation remains complex, with a significant increase in migrant encounters reported by CBP.

Border Statistics

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CBP reported 232,972 migrant encounters in August, a nearly 27 percent increase from July. These encounters included unaccompanied children and occurred in various sectors along the border. CBP also conducted numerous rescues during this period, highlighting the ongoing challenges at the border.

National Guard’s Role

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The National Guard members deployed to the border will play a crucial role in assisting law enforcement agencies. They will provide support in fentanyl interdiction, analyze border-related data, and work to combat human trafficking, addressing key security concerns.

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Bipartisan Border Concerns

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While border security often divides political parties, the humanitarian and security aspects of the issue continue to raise concerns. Governor Hobbs’ actions reflect the urgency of addressing border challenges impacting Arizona’s safety and commerce.

Future Outlook

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The situation at the southern border remains a dynamic and evolving issue. Governor Hobbs’ deployment of National Guard members highlights the ongoing need for comprehensive border solutions and the importance of federal-state cooperation in addressing border-related challenges.

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