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Arizona Sheriff Slams California’s Border Policies, Says They’ve “Lost Their Mind”

As Texas tightens its border controls at Eagle Pass, the surge of migrants into California, particularly through treacherous mountainous terrain, has raised concerns about failed policies in Sacramento, according to Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb, a Republican and Senate primary candidate.

Sheriff Lamb’s Critique of California’s Policies

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Sheriff Mark Lamb criticized California’s border policies, describing them as detrimental and indicative of a lack of prudence.

He told Fox News’ Jesse Watters “It doesn’t help the rest of us when they do silly things like that when they offer free sex changes, free health care, free housing;. All that does is entice people to come here, and we don’t need that.”

He also said that California has “lost their mind” on border policy.

Migrant Influx at Jacumba Hot Springs

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Reports of a significant migrant influx at Jacumba Hot Springs, California, have drawn attention to the border’s vulnerability, exacerbated by the absence of fencing and the rugged terrain, making it easier for migrants to cross into the United States.

Chinese Nationals Among Migrants

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Sheriff Lamb noted that a substantial number of migrants, including many from China, have been crossing the border.

He also expressed concern over the involvement of the Chinese government in facilitating this migration, given its distinct political system and control over its citizens’ movements.

Chinese Government Complicit

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Lamb said, “What I keep telling people, when you hear these numbers about Chinese nationals, it’s not like America — people can’t just come and go as they please out of a Communist country. The Chinese government has to be complicit in this.”

Alarming Numbers and Characteristics

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With approximately 37,000 Chinese nationals crossing the border in the past year, and an estimated 20,000 in the last four months.

Military Age Men

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Sheriff Lamb emphasized the significance of these figures. He said, “And so when you see the number is like 20,000 in the first four months, that is very alarming, especially when they’re military-age men.”

Commercial Arrangements for Migrant Lodging

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Independent journalist Nick Shirley’s investigation revealed the conversion of upscale hotels like the Row Hotel in New York into migrant-only accommodations.

Such arrangements, funded by outside sources, have raised questions about the use of taxpayer dollars to cover migrants’ lodging expenses.

Concerns Over Funding and Facilities

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Sheriff Lamb expressed apprehension about taxpayers footing the bill for migrant lodging, especially in upscale establishments.

NGO Camps, Makeshift Tents Need Proper Management

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He also highlighted the presence of NGO camps and makeshift tent structures along the border, indicating the need for proper management and resource allocation.

Call for Accountability

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Sheriff Lamb urged Americans to be cognizant of how their tax dollars are being spent on migrant accommodation.

He emphasized the importance of transparency and accountability in addressing the challenges posed by the influx of migrants and ensuring the efficient use of resources.

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