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Army-Navy Game Faces Uncertainty Due to Expansion of Football Playoff

The Army-Navy college football game, which is normally held on the first Saturday of December, now faces competition from playoff games, jeopardizing its unique status.

Successful Strategy

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Previously, shifting the Army-Navy Game to the second Saturday in December successfully restored its prominence, with increased viewership and attention.

Playoff Expansion Impact

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The expansion of the College Football Playoff introduces scheduling conflicts, potentially overshadowing the Army-Navy Game once again.

Organizational Response

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Bowl Season, representing all college football bowl games, considers moving some bowls to avoid overlap with playoff games and protect the Army-Navy window.

Television Considerations

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ESPN’s potential schedule adjustment could affect the timing of the Army-Navy Game, raising concerns about viewership and exposure.

Proactive Measures

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Military academies advocate for preserving the Army-Navy Game’s prominence, requesting adjustments to bowl game schedules and television slots.

Lobbying Efforts

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The conference commissioner, Mike Aresco, joins military academies in lobbying for the Army-Navy Game’s protected status amidst playoff expansion.

Selection Committee Dilemma

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The Playoff selection committee faces challenges in evaluating the Army or Navy’s playoff candidacy without the result of the season-ending showdown.

Playoff Protocol

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Military academies propose maintaining the current protocol, allowing a week’s delay in finalizing playoff schedules to consider Army or Navy potential impact.

Concession and Compromise

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Army and Navy agree to accept the 12th seed if necessary, ensuring fair consideration while addressing scheduling concerns for playoff contenders.

Support and Advocacy

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The military academies have received support from conference commissioners and college football decision-makers in their efforts to protect the tradition and significance of the Army-Navy Game.

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