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Asphalt Trade Group Mobilize New Lobbying Efforts in Washington

The National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) has enlisted GrayRobinson to advocate for the asphalt industry and infrastructure issues.

This move aims to navigate the complexities of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and related legislative measures.

Chris McCannell to Lead Efforts

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With a rich background in Congress, Chris McCannell, now with GrayRobinson, is set to spearhead NAPA’s lobbying activities.

His expertise is expected to be pivotal in advancing the association’s legislative agenda.

Expanding Lobbying Partnerships

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NAPA has strategically increased its lobbying partnerships, engaging Cassidy and Associates alongside GrayRobinson.

This expansion marks a significant shift in NAPA’s advocacy approach, enhancing its influence in Washington, D.C.

Transitioning Advocacy Teams

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Following a decade of consistent advocacy efforts, NAPA has parted ways with Whitmer & Worrall and Van Scoyoc Associates.

This decision paves the way for fresh perspectives and strategies in representing the asphalt industry.

NAPA’s Vision for Change

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Nile Elam, NAPA’s vice president of government affairs, expresses enthusiasm for the newly hired advocates.

Elam highlights the importance of adaptable and effective representation to address the industry’s challenges and opportunities.

Emphasizing Highway Funding

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Highway funding remains a critical priority for NAPA, reflecting the industry’s crucial role in developing and maintaining the nation’s infrastructure.

The association is committed to ensuring robust support for these essential projects.

Texas Vegetable Association’s New Direction

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The Texas Vegetable Association has also shifted its lobbying strategy, partnering with Breakthrough365 Government Relations Strategies.

This collaboration focuses on agricultural issues, including the farm bill and immigration policies.

Robert Guenther’s Agricultural Advocacy

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Led by Robert Guenther, a former aide with deep roots in agricultural policy, the Texas Vegetable Association’s lobbying efforts aim to address critical challenges in the sector.

Guenther brings a wealth of experience to the role, promising impactful advocacy.

Amgen’s Pharmaceutical Focus

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Pharmaceutical giant Amgen has engaged HillNorth to lobby on industry-specific issues.

Doug Schwartz, with his extensive governmental background, is poised to navigate the legislative landscape for Amgen.

American Endowment Foundation’s Tax Concerns

The American Endowment Foundation is turning its attention to tax policies affecting charitable contributions.

With Tiger Hill Partners on board, the foundation seeks to influence discussions on donor-advised funds.

Milan Dalal’s Expertise for Philanthropy

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Milan Dalal, lobbying for the American Endowment Foundation, brings Capitol Hill experience to the forefront of tax policy advocacy.

His involvement is crucial in shaping favorable outcomes for charitable giving.

Cornell University’s Legislative Interests

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Cornell University has hired Capitol Tax Partners to advocate on taxation issues impacting tax-exempt institutions.

The university aims to safeguard its endowment and financial health through strategic lobbying.

Richard Grafmeyer’s Tax Advocacy

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With a storied career in tax legislation, Richard Grafmeyer is set to represent Cornell University’s interests.

His deep understanding of tax policy will guide the university’s efforts to navigate complex fiscal challenges.

Diverse Industries Seek Legislative Influence

From infrastructure and agriculture to pharmaceuticals and education, a wide array of industries is actively seeking to shape policy decisions.

This trend underscores the growing need for specialized lobbying expertise.

Evolving Landscape of Advocacy

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As organizations across sectors enhance their lobbying efforts, the dynamics of legislative advocacy in Washington, D.C., are set to evolve.

With seasoned professionals leading the charge, the potential for significant policy impacts is on the horizon.

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