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Chris Dios is an American writer and entrepreneur. Born and raised in New Jersey, Chris studied accounting and finance at Drexel University. He currently resides in Bayonne, NJ – right outside NYC – where he runs his company, Sureshot Media Management. Chris is a proud member of the Freelancer’s Union, an Upwork Top-Rated Freelancer, and a LinkedIn Certified Pro.

A long-time history buff, Chris’s favorite periods are World War II, the Dark Ages, the Wild West, the Civil War, and ancient Rome. He is also a student of economics and a strong proponent of the free-market theory. His most championed causes include environmental conservation, fighting animal abuse, and criminal justice reform. When Chris isn’t working, he enjoys playing video games, reading, cooking, and playing poker.

Chris first became interested in the stock market in 2013. After years of studying and watching from the sidelines, Chris started trading cryptocurrencies in 2017. His interest in crypto rapidly transitioned to the equity market, and Chris began trading stocks soon after. Chris is a swing trader who describes his investing style as a hybrid approach that utilizes both fundamental and technical analysis techniques.

As a writer, Chris has extensive experience working in the finance field. His work has been featured on various websites and journals. His favorite topics to cover are business, economics, marketing, history, technology, politics, and current events. His favorite authors include Hunter S. Thompson and Ernest Hemingway. Some of his favorite books are: “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”; “Atlas Shrugged”; and “The Goldfinch”.

Chris first began writing for the Stock Dork in early 2019 and quickly became a full-time contributor. He covers ‘investing’, ‘hot stocks’, and ‘recent news’ for The Dork. He also writes for the trader education category and serves as an editor. Chris hopes that his work with the Dork helps traders expand their knowledge and find high-quality trade opportunities.

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