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Axelrod Stands Firm in Criticism; Questions Biden’s Ability to Defy Nature

Former Obama adviser David Axelrod has reaffirmed his critique after President Biden reportedly referred to him as a “pr—,” emphasizing that the president has a significant challenge if he believes he can “cheat nature.”

In a recent op-ed for The New York Times, columnist Maureen Dowd came to Axelrod’s defense, condemning Biden for engaging in “petty feuds.”

“I don’t mind them thinking I’m a pr*** — that’s perfectly fine,” Axelrod told Dowd. “My concern lies with them doubting the accuracy of the polls, because they are indeed accurate.”

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Axelrod, who has previously defended Biden, drew a parallel between the president and Hillary Clinton, stating that Biden believes he can defy the natural order of things.

“I believe he has a 50-50 chance here, but no better than that, maybe slightly worse,” Axelrod shared. “He thinks he can bend the rules of nature, and that’s an incredibly risky approach. If they are relying on Trump to secure their victory, they have a considerable problem. I recall Hillary doing the same.”

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According to Politico columnist Jonathan Martin, Biden privately referred to Axelrod as a “pr—” in early November.

Dowd speculated that the president’s rage suggests he may be in denial, surrounded by individuals who are sugarcoating the bleak political landscape.

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“He shouldn’t let a chip on his shoulder guide his actions,” Dowd underscored. She also pointed out that Axelrod received numerous messages from others who concurred with his evaluation of the latest polling data.

“But he must resist the inclination to indulge in petty feuds,” Dowd emphasized. “Instead, he should convene the brightest minds in his party and genuinely listen to their insights.”

Axelrod recommended that the president consider whether it would be “wise” to withdraw from the race after a poll revealed that Biden was behind Donald Trump in several crucial battleground states.

During a CNN appearance, Axelrod responded to Martin’s report, explaining, “I understand that he was frustrated because I voiced concerns shared by many Democrats. In my opinion, it’s either time to step aside or take decisive action. The status quo, with its nonchalant attitude towards the campaign, won’t lead him to where he needs to be.”

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While acknowledging that the president may be displeased with him, Axelrod disclosed that he had received significant support from numerous individuals who were “glad someone said it” about Biden.

“I can endure the president’s unhappiness,” Axelrod concluded. “What matters most to me is addressing the realities we face.”

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