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Baghdad Condemns Latest U.S. Strikes

Baghdad has condemned the recent U.S. military strikes on Iraqi soil, describing them as a significant threat to regional stability. This reaction follows a series of airstrikes conducted by the U.S. within Iraq.

Iraqi Sovereignty at Stake

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Iraqi military spokesman Yehia Rasool, in a statement, emphasized that these actions blatantly violate Iraqi sovereignty. He highlighted the negative impact on years of U.S.-Iraq cooperation.

U.S. Justification for Strikes

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The U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin stated that the strikes targeted facilities linked to Shiite militia groups. These groups are believed to be backed by Iran and pose a threat to U.S. and Coalition personnel.

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Targeting Kataib Hezbollah

Hands holding guns over barbed wire. Terrorist organizations hezbollah and hamas.

Among the targeted groups was Kataib Hezbollah, identified as a terrorist organization by the U.S. This Shiite militia group confirmed the death of at least one of its fighters due to the airstrikes.

Regional Conflict Intensifies

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These strikes come at a time when the Middle East is already dealing with the repercussions of Israeli actions in Gaza. The region faces the danger of a widening conflict.

U.S. Military Presence in Iraq

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About 2,500 U.S. troops are currently stationed in Iraq as part of a coalition aimed at preventing the resurgence of ISIS. This military presence is central to the ongoing tensions.

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Syria’s Stance

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In contrast to Iraq, Syria views the U.S. military presence within its borders as an illegal occupation. This difference in perspective adds another layer to the regional complexities.

PMF and Iraqi Security

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Some Shiite militias, including those targeted by the U.S., are part of Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF). These groups operate under the umbrella of the Iraqi government.

Baghdad’s Firm Stance

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The Iraqi government has indicated it will treat the U.S. airstrikes as acts of aggression. They are prepared to take necessary actions to protect Iraqi citizens and sovereignty.

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Aftermath of the Airstrikes

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These airstrikes were in response to attacks on a U.S. airbase in western Iraq. The Pentagon reported injuries to four U.S. military personnel in these attacks.

Scale of the Attack

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A Pentagon spokeswoman described the attack on the al-Asad airbase as larger-scale than previous incidents. This attack also caused significant infrastructure damage.

Loss of an Iraqi Militia Leader

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Mushtaq Jawad Kazim al-Jawari, a leader of the Iraqi militia group Harakat al-Nujaba, was killed in a U.S. drone strike. The Pentagon labeled this group as an Iranian proxy.

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Iraqi Government’s Reaction

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The Iraqi government criticized the U.S. for the strike, which they considered an unprovoked attack on their security forces. This incident has further strained U.S.-Iraq relations.

Calls for U.S. Withdrawal

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Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed al-Sudani is taking steps to end the U.S.-led coalition’s presence in Iraq. He seeks to reorganize the relationship with the U.S. to avoid further instability.

The Quest for Stability

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Al-Sudani and other Iraqi leaders believe that resolving the conflict in Gaza is crucial for regional stability. This approach is seen as a key to reducing tensions in the Middle East.

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