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Did Bear Grylls Actually Try to Poison Zelensky with a Chocolate Bar? Here’s What You Need to Know

During a recent interview on Good Morning Britain, survival expert Bear Grylls recounted a meeting with the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky.

Grylls offered Zelensky chocolate to ‘break the ice’

Grylls had offered Zelensky a bar of chocolate while they walked through the streets of Kyiv, hoping to break the ice and establish a rapport. However, Zelensky’s security team was not pleased with the gesture and refused the request, fearing Grylls was trying to poison the Ukrainian President. 

“I get it,” Grylls said. “Normally, when I’ve done this before with world leaders, the wild does half my job for me; it’s a great leveler; it’s a great ice-breaker you’re out in the mountains.”

Credit: DepositPhotos

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Grylls explained how he showed them he had no ill will, “I said, ‘Ok, I’ll go first, to show I’m not out to poison him,’ and we all laughed. I gave some to the security guys because everyone likes a little square of Dairy Milk, right?” 

During his meeting with Zelensky, Grylls discussed the President’s family and the sacrifices made to defend their country. Zelensky said, “Like all of Ukraine, we’ve put everything on hold, our life, our ambitions, our families, our work, our future, our dreams. Everything for one purpose, to defend our country”.

Grylls shared a video of his encounter with Zelensky on his Instagram and wrote, “It was a huge privilege to travel to Kyiv and walk with the President and get to know the real man away from the podium. Also to meet so many Ukrainian unsung heroes battling for their lives, including Ukrainian Scouts”.

About Bear Grylls

Grylls is a well-known figure in the world of survival and outdoor exploration, gaining global recognition for his adventures. Grylls’ journey began with his martial arts training at a young age, which he furthered by serving in the British Special Forces as part of 21 SAS Regiment for three years.

During his time there, he honed the survival skills that have captivated fans worldwide, as he faces and overcomes the harshest of Mother Nature’s challenges.

In addition to his outdoor adventures, Bear Grylls is also the host of the interactive Netflix series You Vs Wild, which has earned him an Emmy Award. The show was a huge hit among viewers in 2020, becoming one of Netflix’s most popular programs. Taking things to the next level, Bear Grylls and Netflix partnered to create two interactive movie versions of You Vs Wild, including Animals On The Loose.

This groundbreaking concept was a massive success, and the latter became the second most-watched film on Netflix US.