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Ben Carson Warns Squatter Laws Are Promoting ‘Mass Chaos and Anarchy’ as Squatter Takes Over $2M Queens Home

In an unsettling twist for a New York family, their $2 million dream home became a legal battleground due to a squatter claiming residence inside. 

This incident has sparked a nationwide debate over squatter’s rights, drawing attention from public figures including Dr. Ben Carson, former U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Susana and Joseph Landa purchased their ideal home in Douglaston, Queens in October 2023, only to find that a squatter had settled within its walls. 

This discovery has thrust them into an unexpected and prolonged legal fight.

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Under New York state law, a person can gain temporary tenant rights after residing in a property for 30 days. 

This provision complicates the eviction process for property owners like the Landas.

The Landas’ predicament has garnered extensive media coverage, highlighting the complexities and frustrations associated with evicting squatters under current laws.

Dr. Ben Carson expressed his astonishment and disapproval on Fox Business, criticizing the concept of squatter’s rights as nonsensical and indicative of a deeper societal issue.

“We’ve kind of lost our minds. Squatter’s rights? You’ve got to be kidding me. Squatters don’t have any rights. They have no right to be in your house. What are they going to have next? Trespasser’s rights? That makes no sense whatsoever,” he said.

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The squatter, Brett Flores, previously employed by the home’s former owner as a caretaker, argues that he was granted a “license” to remain in the home. 

This claim complicates the Landas’ efforts to reclaim their property.

The Landas have faced numerous hurdles in landlord-tenant court, with proceedings dragging on and multiple hearings yielding no resolution. 

Their struggle highlights the often slow and frustrating pace of legal eviction processes.

While the legal battle ensues, the Landas are financially responsible for the home’s upkeep, adding to the stress and frustration of the situation. 

The ongoing costs and legal limbo have left them feeling powerless and disillusioned.

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Credit: DepositPhotos

The case has raised significant questions about property rights and legal protections for homeowners versus squatters. 

It underscores the potential for abuse of squatter’s rights laws and the challenges those laws can create for property owners.

Dr. Carson warns that failing to protect law-abiding citizens could lead to broader societal breakdown. 

He advocates for a restoration of law and order to prevent chaos and preserve civil society.

“If you’re not going to protect the law-abiding citizens, why should they be law-abiding citizens? You’re encouraging mass chaos and anarchy. And it seems to me like somebody might be actually trying to do that, because the United States is very strong militarily, but we can certainly be destroyed from within,” he warned.

As the debate over squatter’s rights continues, the Landas’ case serves as a stark reminder of the potential conflicts between property rights and housing laws. 

The outcome of their case could influence public opinion and legislative actions regarding squatter’s rights in the future.