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Betrayed And Broken: Reddit User Seeks Advice After Uncovering Boyfriend’s Infidelity

A distraught Reddit user took to the popular subreddit r/relationships seeking advice after discovering her boyfriend’s infidelity. The anonymous poster, referred to as OP (Original Poster), shared her heartbreaking story, expressing confusion and a sense of betrayal.

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Background Information

The Reddit user began by outlining the details of her relationship with her now ex-boyfriend, describing a seemingly solid and loving partnership. OP disclosed that they had been together for two years and had recently moved in together, adding to the shock of the situation.

Discovery of Infidelity

According to OP, the realization of her partner’s cheating came about through a series of suspicious events. She became increasingly skeptical when she noticed her boyfriend’s unusual behavior, such as hiding his phone and staying out late without a valid explanation. Unable to shake off her suspicions, OP took matters into her own hands and decided to investigate further.

The Shocking Revelation

During her investigation, OP uncovered evidence of her boyfriend’s infidelity. Upon reviewing his phone, she stumbled upon explicit messages and photos exchanged between him and another woman. The discovery left OP devastated, struggling to come to terms with the fact that her partner had been unfaithful.

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Seeking Advice and Support

Feeling lost and emotionally drained, OP turned to the r/relationships subreddit for guidance from the online community. In her plea for help, she expressed her confusion and inability to understand why her seemingly loving boyfriend would resort to cheating. Seeking solace and advice from individuals who may have experienced similar situations, she hoped to gain some perspective on how to move forward.

Responses and Support

The Reddit post garnered significant attention, with fellow community members offering words of encouragement, sympathy, and advice. Many users shared their own personal stories of betrayal, emphasizing the importance of self-care and healing in a situation like this.

Reddit users advised OP to confront her boyfriend about the discovered infidelity, emphasizing the need for open communication and transparency. Others suggested she seek therapy and consider the possibility of ending the relationship, as infidelity can often be a fundamental breach of trust that is challenging to rebuild.


Infidelity is a devastating experience that can leave individuals feeling betrayed, confused, and shattered. This Reddit user’s plea for advice after discovering her boyfriend’s infidelity highlights the importance of seeking support from online communities or professional counselors in times of distress.

As she navigates the aftermath of her partner’s betrayal, OP will undoubtedly find solace and guidance in the shared experiences and wisdom of those who have walked a similar path.

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