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Biden Acknowledges Inflation Reduction Acts Economic Focus

President Biden Reveals True Purpose of Inflation Reduction Act

President Biden admits that the true intent of the Inflation Reduction Act is more focused on stimulating economic growth rather than directly reducing inflation.

Act Aims to Alleviate Financial Burden

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The Inflation Reduction Act is designed to address people’s basic needs and provide financial relief during times of inflation.

Biden Shifts Viewpoint on Act’s Goals

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President Biden’s recent statements represent a departure from his earlier claims that the Act would effectively lower inflation, cut the deficit, and address various issues.

Limited Impact on Inflation

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Analyses suggest that the Inflation Reduction Act would have minimal impact on reducing inflation.

Timing of Admission Significant

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President Biden’s acknowledgement comes at a time when the country is experiencing one of the highest inflation rates in decades.

Questions Remain for White House

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The White House has not yet provided a response to requests for comment from Fox News Digital regarding President Biden’s admission.

More from The Stock Dork – Hunter Biden Faces Potential Jail Time in Arkansas Child Support Battle

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An Arkansas judge has issued an order requiring Hunter Biden to appear in court in person in July to potentially face contempt proceedings and even jail time.

Thousands of Images from Hunter Biden’s Laptop go public for the world to see

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A sizable collection of images sourced from a laptop belonging to Hunter Biden has been revealed to the public via a newly launched website.

Bombshell! Trump’s Top Legal Eagles Fly the Coop After Indictment

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BOOM! The Trump saga continues, and this time, it’s his two key lawyers who’re stepping off the ride. Jim Trusty and John Rowley, Trump’s knights in shining armor, are packing their bags after the ex-president faced a fresh batch of indictments. And guess who’s stepping into their shoes?

Biden’s About to Supercharge Child Trafficking at the Border Says Expert

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If you thought the border situation couldn’t get more gnarly, well, think again. Picture this: a dramatic surge in child trafficking triggered by none other than our dear President Joe Biden’s recent policy shift. Quite the twist, huh?

Could Tapes Spell Biden’s DOOM? Senator Grassley Says YES!

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You wouldn’t believe what Senator Chuck Grassley, our very own R-Iowa stalwart, dropped on us Monday! Allegedly, an exec from Burisma, the Ukrainian energy giant, paid $5 million in a Biden bribery plot and he’s got audio tapes to prove it! 


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