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Biden Admin Accused of Misusing Taxpayer Funds in Program That Pays Students to Enroll as Voters 

The Biden administration’s initiative to pay college students for voter registration efforts ahead of the 2024 election has sparked controversy, with legal experts and lawmakers raising concerns about its legality and potential partisan motives.

Vice President Harris’s Announcement

Credit: DepositPhotos – (NEW) Vice President of the United States Kamala Harris delivers remarks on the overturning of Roe V. Wade. June 26, 2022, Plainfield, IL, USA — Photo by thenews2.com

Vice President Kamala Harris announced the initiative during a meeting with voting rights activists, highlighting the federal work study program’s role in engaging students in voter registration and nonpartisan poll worker roles.

Department of Education’s Clarification

Credit: DepositPhotos

The Department of Education issued a memo clarifying that federal work study funds could be used for civic engagement work not associated with a particular interest or group, drawing further attention to the initiative’s scope.

Republican Backlash

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Republican lawmakers, including Senator Bill Hagerty, have condemned the initiative on X, accusing the Biden administration of attempts to “mobilize [his] voters” ahead of the 2024 election using taxpayer money.

Senator Hagerty’s Concerns

Credits: DepositPhotos

Senator Hagerty expressed concerns about the Biden administration’s lack of transparency regarding taxpayer-funded voter mobilization plans, urging for greater accountability and disclosure.

Social Media Criticism

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Vice President Harris faced criticism on social media platforms after applauding poll workers, with users highlighting the partisan affiliations of individuals presented as nonpartisan workers.

Calls for Transparency

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Critics of the initiative emphasized the importance of transparency and accountability in government initiatives, calling for the release of detailed plans.

Allegations of Partisan Bias


Concerns about partisan bias in the voter registration initiative have raised questions about the Biden administration’s commitment to fair and transparent electoral processes.

Legal Ramifications

Credit: DepositPhotos

Legal experts warn of potential legal ramifications if the initiative is found to be aimed at advancing the Biden administration’s reelection efforts, highlighting the need for accountability and oversight.

Source Biden admin accused of using taxpayer funds to help his own campaign with student voter registration scheme (msn.com)

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