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Biden Admin implements mandatory LGBTQ+ training for Social Security employees

President Joe Biden’s administration recently implemented mandatory training for employees of the Social Security Administration (SSA) regarding respect for coworkers’ sexual orientation and gender identity.

Using pronouns is ‘obligatory’ in the training

The Sentinel obtained audio recordings of the LGBTQ+ training, revealing that using preferred pronouns is obligatory, and noncompliance can lead to investigations.

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The training revolves around a fictional scenario involving a male employee named “Patrick” who begins identifying as a woman named “Patricia.”

Colleague hesitation, differing views in gender transition portrayal

The portrayal demonstrates various levels of hesitation from colleagues.

The manager, “Mark,” mistakenly addresses Patricia as “Patrick” but immediately corrects himself, believing everyone is entitled to their views on gender transitions.

Another employee named “Judy” faces criticism for disagreeing and expressing the opinion that individuals are born as they are, dismissing gender transitions as nonsense.

Supervisor responsibility, policy enforcement in workplace pronouns usage

The narration in training emphasizes Mark’s responsibility as a supervisor to maintain a workplace free from discrimination and harassment.

Failure to enforce the policy requiring colleagues to address Patricia by her proper name and pronouns is considered a violation of the pronoun policy, not only by Mark but also by Patricia’s coworkers.

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Reporting discrimination, harassment, and investigation

Credit: DepositPhotos

The training further instructs employees to report any perceived discrimination or harassment related to sexual orientation or gender identity directly to the agency’s Office of Civil Rights and Equal Opportunity.

Once notified, a Harassment Prevention Officer would investigate the incident.

SSA training reflects Biden administration’s DEI agenda

This training from the Social Security Administration reflects the Biden administration’s ongoing efforts to expand regulatory power and promote ‘diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) policies.’

President Biden issued an executive order on his first day in office to prevent discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation, aligning with the training provided by the SSA.

Biden administration promotes DEI policies in SSA and military

Apart from the SSA, the Biden administration has also emphasized DEI policies in the military, with an official stating that diversity, equity, and inclusion are crucial for unit cohesion and trust.

The Sentinel’s report highlights additional instructions to SSA employees, such as including pronouns in email signatures, using gender-neutral language when referring to colleagues, and avoiding assumptions about their gender identity or sexual orientation.

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Inclusive workplace policies and reporting guidelines at SSA

Managers were also directed to ensure employees’ safe access to their preferred restrooms and not impose clothing or appearance restrictions based on gender.

The SSA’s accompanying discrimination and harassment policy urges managers and supervisors to encourage employees to report mockery, harassment, or misgendering.

The procedure acknowledges the LGBTQQIAAP2S+ spectrum, including the “Two Spirit” gender identity.

SSA training and Biden administration’s DEI focus

The timing of the Sentinel’s report coincides with a recent incident during a “Pride Month” celebration, where a transgender activist exposed fake breasts on the White House lawn.

As the Biden administration continues to prioritize DEI policies, the mandatory training provided by the Social Security Administration demonstrates its commitment to fostering an inclusive and respectful work environment.